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Thats the worst they could dig up? A Tweet from 7 months ago from an assistant?

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Even power tools are registered with serial numbers, and phones have 10x the protection. A police officer of all people should know that. What an idiot. Enjoy your Plan B career the rest of your life.

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Better also pass a law that bans grizzly bears and falling. Might as well make hiking safer too. *rolls eyes

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You think Electra is a girl? LOL.

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In other news, Google found $30 million under a couch that apparently fell out of its pocket.

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Homeowners associations are usually packed full of idiots who want to govern how everyone else lives anyways.

I had a friend who had to threaten to sue his homeowners association because they threatened to kick him out after he refused to take down an American flag on a 12 ft pole in his front yard. The real kicker, he was a 12 year Army vet. Talk about a slap to the face.

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Its been over 100 degrees 11 times where I'm at so far this year. In fact, it was 88 yesterday, and that was a welcomed cool down. So if Seattle is done with 59 degree days, we'll gladly take them.

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Forget that, I'm never eating another BBQ bristle brush ever again.

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"They're independant and can choose to charge or not charge any person taxes regardless of whether they're a tribal member or not."

Wrong. Look at all the ATF and DEA raids on tribal lands for bootlegging, synthetic marijuana, and tax evasion if you want to see just how "sovereign" they are.

Further, if you are pulled over by tribal police, you can insist on American law enforcements presence and they must call out the local Sheriff or state police. Now, in what sovereign country would something like that fly?

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Are you also willing to apply that to people who don't bathe regularly or are ugly too? How about fat people who take up more room than the average person?

Or, we could just overtax everyone with an inflated ego who believes other people should be overtaxed for the way they live.....but then you'd have no money left for your bills.