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Could really use that bobcat that got into the Monroe Corrections Facility right about now...

I'm pro euthanasia for dirtbags like this who get their jollies from crap completely unthinkable.

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There's a real ancient method out there that help stop crime and it's called being a proactive parent and real punitive actions for those who refuse to abide by the law.

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The City's plans are like the lottery, you hope something good or a big win will come but you end up disappointed more times than not. And the odds are against you too.

Get panhandled at the waterfront, sketchy people and thugs in Belltown, bus stops that are decorated in graffiti and homeless person companionship including $18 parking hopefully not from a person pretending to be parking lot staff. I'll just ride my bike! Just remembered, my chains were cut and I was left without a bike.

You'll need more than a huge ferris wheel ride at $13 dollars a person, Chihuly's glass museum and the pricey EMP to get me into downtown. Where are the priorities of this City?

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These Men and Women offer their lives for this country and in return this VA system can't spare these brave souls their time? The VA brass should one day realize that one of the biggest battles these soldiers will face will be the one when they return to "civil" life.

Simply, our troops deserve better than this, far better. Scumbags in prisons get offered more medical care than our own solders it seems. Disgusting.

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Eastbound or westbound, it's like going to Belltown because somebody always wants your change...

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Whoever is in management that was on board with terminating this guy's employment should get the ax too.

It's easier to get over being fired than knowing how you would have felt if you did nothing to save somebody's life. Plus, who wants to work for a company like that anyway?

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Andy Griffith was such a known face to my family because my grandparents loved watching "The Andy Griffith Show" and my parents were into "Matlock."

A time when being an actor meant you had to have actual talent. RIP Mr. Griffith.

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I'm surprised the police were even capable of driving there with their hands tied up with political tape.

I'm shocked SPD made an arrest there. Tomorrow, it'll be SPD's fault for "racially profiling" on the arrest. Police get the shaft either way.

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Fist fighting would be an ultimate fail because:
1. It'd start out as a 1 to 1 fight, then five of their friends would jump in.
2. If you win the brawl, you'll probably get shot on your way home.

Let's have these kids keep the guns and dump them off in the Middle East so they realize what a fighting for your life really means.

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You don't even have to go that far, just say it's a book club fair/event. These thugs are more scared of books than they are bullets.