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Although I don't care for John Bolton, this kid doesn't seem to have been in the military to me. Especially as a Ranger. Everything from his posture to his demeanor seemed off without any semblance of military bearing to speak of. I know not everyone who served in the military "looks" like they did at first glance, but Rangers are a different class of soldier and this kid really doesn't seem right to me. I'll also add that I have nothing but respect for active duty/ reserve / retired military personnel, and will be among their ranks soon in the Marine Corps, and I would never want to take anything away from a true vet.

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The applause line was not from that response. The whole thing was very shoddily edited and made for a very shaky show. I was more disappointed however with how they ended with some hack comedian "singing" a song that was not even funny. I had hoped they could have came up with more material from that event than what was aired.

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This segment was the most ridiculous, intentional strategic revision of the actual argument at hand it was sad. Not surprising, but sad nonetheless.

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Why is this being posted as some sort of negative? A jury has always had this power to not follow unjust laws. I'm sure there must be a reason that more people haven't heard of that... Oh yeah! Why would the government tell them about any power they have to be a check on governmental powers and influence?

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He placed the blame on our foreign policy, not on the innocent people who died that day.

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Way to look good for the cause. You sound just like one of the OWS people with comments like this.

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That looks like a Lenco Bearcat. The Bearcat has been around for a while. I guess that AM General and General Dynamics liked it...

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Wow. Your attempt to create a relevant statistic using simple math really revealed to me how incredibly smart you must be since you have gotten a few "thumbs up" on a website. As if your combined points somehow makes you masters of the universe.

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Right to terminate a pregnancy? As if no adult of sound mind doesn't understand how babies are made. It is not that hard to use contraceptive devices, not to mention cheaper, unless you go to Planned Parenthood for a government subsidized abortion. I think the blatant disregard for human life that you are defending is a sad reminder of the hedonistic society we live in that would rather not be inconvenienced by giving birth to a baby that they knowingly made than to be responsible instead by either using contraceptives or manning up and raising the child you conceived.