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Dammit guys, your sports references are just all over the place

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That header image was the most epic moment in the comic series! This little story arc was great, good enough that I'd suggest it even to people who aren't MLP fans. Sad that Andy Price wont be on art duties for the next four (his art is friggin fantastic), but hopefully Amy Mebberson can keep up the high quality

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Oh jeez, I'm gonna have to buy these. And they're made by the company who publishes the print collections of Lackadaisy!

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That Forbes article almost felt like it was written by someone in the fandom. It was shockingly accurate, yet succinct

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Did anyone else find Twilight's lines a little disconnected from everyone else's? I know Tara records in LA and the rest of the cast in Vancouver, but the dialogue has always been seamless before. For this episode, Twilight's lines did seem like they were recorded separately from the other's.
Other than that, top notch episode. Being from Canada, the 2010 Olympics were a huge deal and I was genuinely proud of how our country did (first place!), so I could relate to Rainbow Dash and all the Crystal Ponies

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Man, these comics are great. One question though: what exactly did Chrysalis do to the one cat-thingy on page 10, where she's holding it, and then the next panel just says "thump" with a splatter? I pictured her smacking it against a wall or the floor or something, but that seems a little too gruesome, even with the comic's darker tone

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I would definitely use it. This is really the only pony site I ever use, and I'm not big on using general social media sites to talk about ponies

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You know, that honestly sounds like a great episode

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Don't understand why everyone liked this episode so much more than the last Spike episode. He's was worse characterized here, and the whole story was just kinda boring, basically a rehash of Secret of My Excess. At least this is only the first time they've really missed the mark this season

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Really, Cracked? Rainbow Factory was the best (or worst) you could do?
Really though, no one should be too offended by what Cracked has to say about us, it's sorta their job to make fun of people