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I'm not lying to you right now: I work at a donut shop where customers can commission dick-shaped donuts for weddings and bachelor/bachelorette parties. Which means that our POS system has a button that simply reads "Penis."

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Hooray, the church is ready to move into the 18th century, as opposed to, say, the 8th! Seriously, not really feeling the reach-around teh Wonkette has been giving New Pope. He is undeniably superior to the last (because he is not an *actual Nazi*), but he still heads up an international cabal that feeds and gives cushy bonuses to child molesters, and dictates when and whether women and girls have children, with serious and often deadly consequences worldwide. Still a skeptic, is what I'm sayin.'

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THEY TOTALLY BLOCK NEGATIVE COMMENTS ON ROOKIE Y'ALL. Becuz I cut my little baby dyke teeth on Sleater-Kinney, and to hear Carrie Brownstein on this atrocity cut like a knife. It seems there is no place for my spleen.

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The men who perpetuate revenge porn should be ripped apart with rusty meathooks, a la Hellraiser, for all eternity, and NOT WITH VOTES because seriously, fuck those guys.

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And neeeeevvvvvermind that the story is in fact a metaphor in which the warring "harlots" stand for the divided kingdom of Israel, and Solomon's warning that unless he ruled supreme, the kingdom would fall to Assyrian and Babylonian factions. << Further proof that art historians understand the Bible better than fundamentalists, y'all.

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Honey, if you really want to do something outrageous, drop that fucking bass AND PICK UP A REAL FUCKING INSTRUMENT. The world needs another token girl bass player like I need a hole in the head.

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While living in a city where literally any bong-water-reeking hippie from Hidden Beach can run for mayor may have its minor drawbacks, this place is still paradise to me.

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Y'all...this isn't going to do anything. Take it from a veteran. The LGBT movement has a long and storied history of boycotts, but this is a classic example of a poorly-targeted boycott that will achieve less than nothing. Stoli, et.all are not owned by the Russian government; they have no part to play in the crafting of national policy. Boycotts only make sense when there is a direct link between the company and their profits going to fund terrible policies, like, say, Coors bankrolling the Heritage Foundation in the 1970s to advance anti-gay legislation. Boycotts should be wielded like a scalpel, not like a hammer. The only thing one can say in response to the blanket argument "We should not buy this thing because their country does something that is bad" is "YOU LIVE IN A CAPITALIST SOCIETY, YOUR TAXES GO TO KILL PEOPLE."

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My suspicions about the user overlap between the Heritage Foundation and DeviantArt are confirmed.

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Johnny was the Republican, not Joey! RAMONES LIBEL!!!1!1!