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Technically, while I don't think there's actually any real doubt on the matter, I do believe it's not specifically confirmed that Alpha Saphire and Omega Ruby will take place in Hoenn. And for that matter, I believe the trailer flaunts; 'Explore a dramatic NEW world!'

Of course I believe it's just poorly-chosen wording.

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No, it's fine....


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I'm loving the image of somebody dual-wielding horns.

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I'm not sure if you just said that previous Pokemon games didn't have glitches, but if you did, I may direct you to a Youtube series titled 'Let's Glitch Pokemon Yellow', on Youtube.

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Did Krampus come early this year?

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I managed to get to wave 5/6 on one of the Mannhattan Advanced missions, as Sniper, on a team with 2 Medics, and a Scout for at least waves 1-3. In hindsight our team composition may have been absurd. As for the other two classes, pretty sure one was a Heavy, and the other guy couldn't choose just one.

I think the friend of mine there and myself could have gone all the way though, had the game not updated, forcing consistency between client and server and preventing anyone from joining the game once the other 4 players had bailed.

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I think I now see why FIFA is so popular.

I was kind of hoping for 'HOME RUN' to be superimposed over the end of the video.

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Soldier is best.... Eagle?

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Those abilities are sort of unreliable though. I mean, in Super Mario Sunshine, a game practically based on water, he couldn't last very long underwater without diving gear. Even then, only for a few minutes.

Now; the ability to breath golden coins as if they were air, on the other hand....