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I lived in St Kitts. I'm still a member of their newspaper FB group. This guy was whining on there trying to gain sympathy while the locals laughed and laughed.

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Didn't you guys read the Baltimore FoP statement? UNEQUIVOCAL SUPPORT or nothing!

"Politicians and community leaders from President Obama, to Attorney General Holder, New York Mayor de Blasio, and Al Sharpton have, as the result of their lack of proper guidance, created the atmosphere of unnecessary hostility and peril that police officers now find added to the ordinary danger of their profeasion. Sadly, the bloodshed will most likely continue until those in positions of power realize that the unequivocal support of law enforcement is required to preserve our nation."

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I saw McCulloch kill a man just to watch him die! Call me prosecutors!

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Yeah..having taken therio and worked on dog..."collection". It requires a combination of having a female in heat around, manual um..."manipulation" and a special lubricated sleeve. It ain't easy. I agree they may have done a combination of things to make the prisoner believe that is what happened.

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Don't forget the "Democrats" like Bob menendez

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OT: But did you see the video of the 12 year old that was shot? The cops claimed they told him to put the gun down 3X. But the video shows them shooting him 2 seconds after the cop got out of the vehicle.
I look forward to every wingtard claiming this 12 year old wasn't a"kid" because size gave him the advantage of surprise or something.

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Black people have an extra bone in their arm?

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I have seen white people yell and scream and even harass cops over traffic tickets. I bet it is these same people that are OK with the kid getting shot or Michael brown getting shot because they should have "obeyed the officer"

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Hey look at that, the Prosecutor already got caught in a lie when he said all the witnesses who testified Brown advanced were black. Unless the witness that wrote the diary entry " Well I'm gonna take my random drive to Florissant. Need to understand the Black race better so I stop calling Blacks Niggers and Start calling them People." is Clayton Bigsby

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Considering he battled Michael "the hulk demon" Brown and the guy who recorded him from 6 feet away while simultaneously managing to be "in his face", are we sure Darren Wilson is a mere mortal policeman and not say...Constantine?