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Speechless ... wow ...

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That is the same fear I have because the show is deep and the creator of the show took that leap. I am just happy I have a show that doesn't insult my intelligence. I am still waiting for the third season of Justified to come back on to FX.

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I became a fan of the show because of the creator Jonathan Nolan ... that's right Christopher Nolan's brother and I felt that with writing of Menmeto to the Dark Knight this had to have a tight story. It did not disappoint; the pilot was really good to the point where I called my Mom and said that she had to watch it, dragged my relucant wife into watching it because she is not a fan of network television just like me. I am truly surprised by the quality of the show and I can't wait to see more from if. I am a fan of Jim Caviezel since he work on The Count of Monte Cristo (my personal favorite movie) and I took notice of Michael Emerson since I have never watched the series Lost, so this is my first time seeing him in action. I hope the show get the support it deserves and has a long run because I know every Thursday night I am watching it with my wife. Good show CBS, now don't screw it up.

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I loved that episode because the twist and turns kept on coming and it also hit on a point where sometimes someone's death does save lives.

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I went to this movie because of the trailer that I saw on facebook and I was just simply blown away by the movie. Many people would think that this is just simply a fighting movie but it is so much more. The strained relationship between the two brothers was scary for me because of the simple fact that my brother and I have such a strong relationship and to see the fracturing in their lives was frightening; needless to say I called my brother after the movie and we chatted it up. My wife and I enjoyed this movie and we are going to see it again this weekend. I am doing my part of spreading the word, just go see it and take it in.

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Thank you Lawrence for I have never thought of it like that, you have given me food for thought. Awesome article I am sure to pass on.

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Why is it when it comes to liberals they only "love" military when it comes to advancing there own means? Why isn't that Hollywood only "love" the military when they need to prove how bad America is or they need a generic fall or bad guy is lean upon? With the deaths of countless heroes in far off lands will their sacrifice be recognized in this film, as much as I would like to think so I doubt it. As patriots we love our country we love our troops however the manner of which these political and Hollywood "prostitutes" go around and try to sell us upon fantasy while we know their ugly faces, dishonors our military, their families, and the public at large. It is a shame I really wanted to see this movie because I admire our military however I am not going to be suckered with my love of country to this sham of a movie. It is truly cowardly to see how low Hollywood and this President would go to get votes, however what do you expect from "moral prostitutes".

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All pale in comparison to Johnny. I still remember standing up late just to watch the monologue. I hope and pray that some where in heaven Johnny is still going monologues and having everyone laughing, last night has no been the same since he has left.

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I have to agree everything you said here, since Octopussy was the first Bond movie went to the theater to see. So it has a personal places in my heart. Yes, A View to a Kill was a waste of film.

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I have to say from season 3 is when TNG hit its stride, because I found the first two seasons of the show hard to stomach and this is from a die hard trekkie. The episodes The Best of Both Worlds and the episode that follows it are the episodes I would introduce anyone wanting to know what this show is about too. Patrick Stewart added so much depth to the role of Jean Luc Picard that I was sad when the show ended at season 7.