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big surprise- one nutjob backing another nutjob. Did Palin endorse her yet?

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Sounds kinda fishy to me. I'm willing to bet there's a little more to the story than what the guy told police. I'm sure there was a fair deal of taunting going on...

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Aimed at 9 to 12 yr olds? Finally a book about Palin that is actually at her reading level.

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A good case of food poisoning will change your tune. I like carnie food as much as the next guy, but I don't want to spend the next two days sitting on the toilet and puking in a bucket at the same time. I'm all for health department inspections.

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This kind of crime isn't exactly new. Been happening around here since I was little, waaay back when (and I assume a lot longer than that). It just didn't get reported in the media back then. Same goes for a lot of of the crimes you read about all the time. I suppose it's good to know about such things, but am I the only one who thinks the over-reporting of trivial crime has lead to a much more paranoid society?

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If you want to point the finger of blame at anyone, you better find a miror. Each and every one of us who drives a car, mows our lawn, buys anything made out of plastic, etc. bear the responsibility. We demand more and more oil every day and demand lower prices to boot. Our fanatical hunger for oil created the environment for disasters like this to occur. BP might very well be negligent, but they were just feeding our hunger. Want to boycott something meaningful? Boycott ALL gas stations. Boycott plastics. Demand and invest in solar and wind technology. Ride your freaking bike to work. Anything less than turning your back on oil completely does nothing to stop the biggest culprit, namely, US.

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No. I'm saying common sense goes a long way. If you go looking for trouble, chances are you end up finding it.

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....or instead of carrying a gun, you could just stay clear of shady Benton Harbor bars at 2 o'clock in the morning. Personally, I'll choose the latter.

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What's sad is the amount of paranoid, gun-toting wingnuts that think its perfectly OK to carry "combat handguns" and "fighting knives" with kids at the zoo. Want to stay out of trouble in SB? Don't get into fights at late night parties on the O'Brien Streets of the world. Walking around like a Wild West vigilante doesn't make anyone safer.

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This is not a "Christian Country". We're a secular nation that allows the free practice all religions. You really need to brush up on your history of the United States, and probably the Crusades as well.