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That looks like a big improvement over the Elements of Harmony book, the back half of that was filled with TV Guide style episode synopsis and stock show clips :P
This looks like journal entries from the mane 6 and others, sounds fun :D

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-"Signed Daring Do book that GM Berrow sent me for being a runner up in the design a bookmark contest"

O_O can I hug you? Maybe some of your awesome will rub off on me...

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All 6 Aurora plushies
All 6 TY plushies
All Mc Donalds toys, except for a couple of the first year ones
Around 2 dozen various blind bag figures
Brushables of all the mane 6 plus Trixie, Derpy, lyra and Celestia
All 6 of the squishy ponies
Funko shadow figures of DJ-Pon3, Derpy, Octavia, Lyra and Bonbon
Funrise Princess Twilight, Celestia and Cadance as well as Derpy, Trixie, Octavia, and DJ-Pon3
Build-a-Bear Pinkie
Pinkie holiday ornament with snowflake
Shapeways printed Lyra
4DE Twilight and Pinkie
Every one of the comic books so far released (only one of each, not every cover, don't I wish...)
Collectible card tin and several cards
3 mint tins
Lyra and Bonbon dog tag
Elements of Harmony book
one DJ-Pon3 shirt
Derpy with muffin figures from WeLoveFine
5 Bits from the winner of the Equestrian currency contest
and one custom Twilight plushie

Need More Pony! :D

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Yay! Pre-ordered ^_^
Honestly, while the Elements of Harmony was just a bit disappointing with the back half being poor episode screen shots and synopsis, it's still a very nice looking coffee table type book

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Does anyone know if there is a full length version of Luna's Theme anywhere? I only found one on Youtube, It's not bad but I was hoping for a little more.

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It would be a blast if they did something like the World of Warcraft Figureprints, with poseable custom figures with accessories. But then I'd be broke o.o ...

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It even appears to be her old body, shorter horn and neck. where'd they dig that up from?

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I got one of the flocked Derpy ones with a shirt a while back, they are adorable, but I'm not sure you'd notice a big difference at a distance unless you regularly pet your figurines.

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Yeah, not against each other as seemed to be implied. Pinkie forgets her recipees and AJ didn't even mean to enter.

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Not a bad story overall.
The panel setup was a bit disappointing, or I'm just spoiled by Price's crazy elaborate panels.
And honestly, was there a joke I missed to the double Fluttershy recolors or was that just really lazy character design?