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Why are they interviewing the mother in the first place? It's biased and gives sympathy to the attackers. It's not standard journalistic behavior and it should be condemned.

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So another Wonkette writer fades away and radiates like the burned out shell of Gamera, never to be heard of again. A life interrupted, spent, and traumatized by political satire. Was it worth it? You won't have anything to tell your grandchildren because you'll be impotent and homeless soon. Solong.

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Canada is #4 in total rapes in the entire world. What's up with that?

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According to Nation Master, Canada is #5 in rapes per capita while USA is #9. But only #8 in rape victims, indicating the same canadians are getting raped over and over. Canada is #2 in Kidnappings. Canada has twice as much Fraud than the USA and is #1 at Counterfeiting.

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I don't trust anyone who wishes me love and peace. I trust that everyone is a disappointing hypocrite, that's what I trust. So when Riley Waggerman wishes us love and peace, he's trying to stab us in the back. He wants to hate fuck war because he loves hate fucking. He requires war and death like kittens need sunshine. He feeds on the blood of live kittens and then hate fucks them to death, Riley Waggerman does.

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I can't believe anyone would fall for this crap. I'm an important executive, so I should probably meet with these goofball trolls with a weak story.

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All DC food is made from only 3 ingredients: boiled cabbage, motor oil and pignuts.

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The internet needs more Tripod/Geocities web counters to tell us how popular Speaker Newt Gingrich is.

Wait, what year is it?

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This will boost the economy. Bring needed jobs, tax revenues, and low priced merchandise into the DC area. A boon for struggling minority neighborhoods.

Stock Answers - only a $1.05!

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Zombies, man.