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Not enough Flashlight hatred here.

Anyway, a thing about Flash I dislike is he doesn't exist as his own character. Everything about him relates back to Twilight, he is just an empty shell for her to fawn on. The only thing about him is he likes music. THAT'S IT.

Pairing a bland and yet somehow annoying character with the most complex and fleshed out character is insulting to the original character. MAYBE if they gave him something unique, flaws, something interesting beyond, 'liking music's.
Hasbro attempting to shove that 'romance' down our throat was an example of getting the horse before the cart.

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Fuck a guy who, 'settles' for someone else. He can go die in a pit with his teeth being slowly bent backwards and slowly sitting down on a rusty piece of broken metal.

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Wow, what a nice video.

>Flash Sentry


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The big three are Rainbow Dash, Spitfire and Fleetfoot, you mean.

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I'll ship it...

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Lightning Dust. One of my favourite antagonists of the show this far.
I hope for an episode to come where Lightning Dust returns, challenges Rainbow to a race and wins. Rainbow, having lost in a one on one race for the first time has to train for a race she may not win. This would also be an excellent opportunity for Scootaloo is give confidence to Rainbow Dash, telling her that she wanted her as her big sister not because of her speed, but because of her loyalty loyalty to her friends, her power to inspire others and most importantly, believing in Scootaloo even when she didn't believe in herself. Rainbow trains harder than ever before and wins in a rematch against L.D. The lesson Lightning Dust can learn is that just because people aren't as awesome as you in what you love to do, doesn't mean they can't be awesome friends.
This would also be a great way for the show to show us how terrifying a excessively powerful Pegasus can be when gone rogue.

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Yo! Imagine if this game came to the Vita!!

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So, what did we learn about Flash in this?

He likes music, is a bit full of himself in the title of the song, though.

The hair-glitter thing is a normal reaction.

He attacks people's beliefs when angered.

We already knew he liked music. All we've learned is that he has obnoxious titles and is a prick when angered.

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Same here in Ireland. I can't download it because of geography, and it isn't on the UK store, so please EQD, let us know if they release this in the UK store.

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What are we supposed to press then when we do the pre-belly rubs ritual?