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Cynical Media Bitch


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Here's where you really need to take a deep breath before you dig your hole any deeper.

I advise that you learn the difference between a deliberate insult and merely feeling insulted, otherwise you will lead a very unhappy life.

Yesterday, you felt insulted by me. Just now, I deliberately insulted you. Trust me, intent matters.

I assure you that if you do not understand the difference between one's feelings and the deliberate acts of others, anyone who is still reading this thread could offer some guidance. Nevertheless, you need professional help, and I hope you get it.

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My editors think my writing skills are so weak that they stand in line to read my stuff.

Now go home and get your shine box.

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Honey, if I were going to insult you, I would have said something like "More foam on that latte, kid."

Your insecurities are painfully obvious. Get help.

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And here I was, thinking we were done with this last night.

I'm don't mean to sound obtuse, but would you mind pointing to where I insulted you? I made a general statement based on Freud's apocryphal quote, and that's about it. Let's recap, shall we?

You made a great point when you wrote: "... that kid not only isn't Don Draper, he isn't Young Dick Whitman, either. He's the picture in Don's head of the ugly duckling that Don/Dick remembers filtered through all his issues. Dick Whitman didn't feel lovable, so in memory he's pretty dorky looking." We've all been there, and props to you for laying it out that way.

Where you lost me was: "If this were a college paper I'd go ahead and suggest that the double initials could be seen as another framing of the echoes that run through each man's life as a 'self-made man'/something of a fraud."

I actually find fictional subtext entertaining when it's based on something tangible. I thought you were reaching a bit in this case, which is why I made my cigar-driven comment. It was NOT directed at you, but you chose to take it personally; for what reasons I can only speculate.

Since you insist on seeing an insult where none was intended, no apology for you. Good day.

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If NYPL doesn't have a copy, I will be very disappointed. I would say "Happy hunting" but for some reason, will stick with "Good luck and best wishes" instead.

I dread the day I get my own copy; it will take me months to climb out of that rabbit hole.

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This would be the wife of Daniel Wampler (b. 1770, Pennsylvania), I assume. When you get to that line, you should look for a library near you with a copy of Denissen's Genealogies of French Families of the Detroit River Region. It's pretty much the starting point for serious research in the area; he was a Dutch priest who went through the records of Ste. Anne and Assomption churches and compiled his notes, Anglicizing names along the way.

If you can't find one, I know of someone who may be willing to crack open her copy for a small fee. I am saving for my own copy, but it's $1200 used (and I've never seen it drop below $950) so it's not a "gotta have it now" kind of a deal. The woman I know with a copy has her files on Ancestry and there's nobody by that name in her index; that doesn't mean it's a dead-end, just that it wasn't relevant to her. I can send you her contact info for future reference if you'd like.

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Well, that escalated quickly.

For the folks watching this at home, I do not believe that "anything besides what happens on the surface is a fraud being perpetrated upon [me]"; it's simply that I've seen enough cases where writers are told that the academic interpretation of their work is X and their response is "I have no idea where that comes from, because I was writing Q."

Of course history is open to interpretation, which is why I enjoy it. I simply draw the line at interpretations that either make no sense, or are pushing an agenda that is so far off base that the person making the interpretation loses credibility.

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This is why I study history instead of literary criticism. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but people will try to explain it in a way that appeals to their own issues.

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If your roots go back that far, I can almost guarantee that we are cousins. What's the name? I don't have every family along the river on file, but I know where to look.

Metamora is very pretty; my grandparents had a place down by the county line off Davison Lake Road and I miss it terribly.