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I really like eating Cheese Sandwiches . . . AND I would love to see more Weird Al!

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Does that map get special powers now that it has absorbed the scroll with Starswirl's completed spell? Is Starlight a descendant of Starswirl? Are Twilight and Starlight long lost family members? Naaaaaah.

The part with Starlight's justification for her actions would be more powerful if it had been something like losing literally ALL of her friends, Starlight's brother going away, her parents going away, a friend getting a cutie mark and becoming evil and causing her parents and brother to go away.

At the very least, let's try to remember that Starlight and Sunburst were very close. "And just like that, my friend was gone." "That's ridiculous"
Simple solutions to dealing with Starlight. Kill her NOPE. Uhh, KILL HER still no. Kill her but make it look like an accident YES. Just don't hide the body in Dash's basement.

Or you know, promise to try to reunite Starlight with Sunburst. But that my friends, is for an episode in Season 6 (probably). If not, season 7. Can't wait to visit Starlight's hometown (with an appropriate reprise of "Our Town").

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I don't want to see Starlight reformed EASILY. I want it to be interesting, which it most certainly will be. Starlight has a very difficult perspective to reform, considering she genuinely believed she was helping ponies. Everything is blowing up tomorrow. Let's ride!

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Don't get me wrong. It's a good episode! But it's most certainly not the way we would have expected them to get their cutie marks. I'm certain this episode raises a lot of concern, although not as much as THE GIFT OF FLIGHT from M. A. Palutena- err, Larson. Ah well, expectations go to Tartaurus, right?

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Sometimes, I wonder if the 16 personality types can truly measure a person's personality. Oh well, I suppose they are accurate enough.

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Probably go to a friends house to watch it. Maybe bring Fallout: Equestria in it's hardcover glory.

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I understand the Derpy is the more popular choice, and the Roseluck is pretty much canon, but DAMN I love me some Lyra.

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I'm nervous because Vicodin made this. I'm really excited too though. Nervouscited.

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Four years, and now four entries in "Today in Pony History."