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Even more importantly is the fact that the elected legislature who's mandate it is to write the laws aren't even reading the laws anymore. The laws are being written by unelected staffers who operate with no mandate from any constituency. Our whole system of government has been outsourced. Pretty soon the legislation that governs this country will be written by cheaply hired legal experts somewhere in Bangalore, India.

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Never a shortage of trolls on the net. Perhaps you could enlighten us poor retards with an explanation of why centralized authoritarian government is so much more preferable to the traditions of liberty as outlined in the founding documents of this republic.

By the way, I think your burqua is on too tight.

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The construct of God as depicted in the circles of organized religion is merely a tool. Actually, if anyone reads the Bible it should be clear to them that God is a real tool, but I digress. Kings and Queens throughout history used the concept of Divine Right as justification for their tyranny. You can oppose a Monarch, but a mere mortal cannot oppose God. If God wants a tyrant to be in charge, you'd better shut up and live with it. I think the very concept of organized religion exists for the sole purpose of empowering the clergy and dis empowering the people. Churches are an awful lot like government. They demand complete devotion, do a little song and dance, take your money and redistribute it as they see fit.

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Those little bastages think their such hot shit with technology. Guys like you and I could easily smoke 'em in the computer cleverness department. Age and guile will defeat youth and cockiness almost every time.

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California should take a lesson from what happened to General Motors. After receiving billions of tax dollars for a bailout only a few months ago, they still ended up declaring bankruptcy this week. The Government Bailout did nothing except line the pockets of corrupt UAW officials and GM upper management functionaries. Throwing money at failure is only going to delay the inevitable. The crack addict analogy is very apt. Unfortunately, to add insult to injury GM is still beholden to Congress. The U.S. Congress is now in the automobile manufacturing business. The next line of cars G.M. designs are likely to be even more expensive and twice as crappy as the ones that drove them into bankruptcy in the first place.

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Exactly. Socialism is about wielding power over others. The socialist justifies his thirst for power by claiming they want to wield this power to bring about justice and fairness. But this would imply that he and others like him have the ethical and moral superiority to determine what would be just and fair for everyone.

They are not unlike the missionaries of centuries past who set out to save the souls of the wretched savages of the New World whether they wanted their souls saved or not. These missionaries did horrible things in order to spread their message including torture, coercion, and murder. Pol Pot, Stalin, and Mao did the same things to promote the "justice" and "fairness" of their own ideology. These three historical figures are shining examples of what socialism is really all about.

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My point is that it's much ado about nothing. If Olbermann had half a brain he wouldn't have let Coulter bait him in such a way. It's obvious that Ann Coulter's article was a hit piece meant to rattle his cage and it worked. As far as bashing communications majors and graduates goes, I think I'm well within my rights to do so. As I mentioned in my post, a chimpanzee with cerebral palsy could get a communications degree. It's worthless. Having taken communications classes in college, I can verify that these courses are devoid of any meaningful intellectual challenge.

By my scale, I would put engineering majors above business majors. The engineering programs generally have greater academic rigor than the business programs. No business major has ever had to take both multivariable calculus and differential equations as requirements to graduate. By my scale the harder degrees are the more valuable. This is not only by my scale, this is the scale of the real world outside the confines of college.

There's a reason why communications majors usually end up with lower-income jobs. That sort of degree doesn't provide the graduate with any significant marketable skills. If you check out the students who graduate with degrees in hard science or engineering, most of them are hired right out of college into lucrative career fields. That's usually not the case with liberal arts graduates. I don't think Keith Olbermann should be ridiculed for whichever branch of Cornell he attended. He should be ridiculed for having a degree in communications. With an Ivy League education like that he's almost qualified to make french fries.

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Thanks Frank. :)

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I can see what you mean by the religious right compromising a group's original intent. However, they should still not be excluded from the freedom movement. In the political arena we do have a common opponent in the socialistic left-of-center movement in this country. It kinda comes down to the old "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" adage. Political alliances are messy at best, but then again so is politics in general.

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I would also hypothesize that because the freedom movement is essentially individualistic, it's difficult if not impossible to unite the various factions of the movement in common cause. It's like herding cats. People in the freedom movement often bicker on unwavering matters of principle instead of tabling those details for the sake of having general unity.

Remember the Obama rallies during his campaign? There were swarms of zombie-like followers chanting "Yes we can!" at the top of their lungs. You would never see anything like that at a libertarian rally. Collectivists will always be in the majority because collectivism by it's very nature builds majorities.

This is the reason that the libertarian movement cannot afford to divorce themselves from the religious right. For better or worse, the individualists need to collectivize if they want to invoke any political change. Religious clergy have a real knack for this. This is why the Christian Coalition was able to rally people to the Republican Party during the late '70s and early '80s.

As libertarians and individualists we may need to strike a Faustian bargain with certain collectivists for the sake of political change. Otherwise the impact of the freedom movement will be strictly academic.