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Bob Chapman is a great man. Nice to have a CIA insider giving some insight.

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A court case was won in NJ against forced vaccination. The government has granted full immunity to the vaccine producing companies. Forcing someone to use a product that the government gives full immunity to the companies producing it is in direct violation of the 7th ammendment. The New World Order is stepping over the line at this point.

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Al Whore is a club of Rome elitist New world Order lump of crap.

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Ask them how they feel about no troops coming home from Iraq, him doubling the troops in Afghanistan, us messing around in Pakistan and Iran being on the table as Joe Biden put it. We will take over the middle east with hope and change. Obama's job is to keep the brain dead Obamanoids at bay to accomplish this for the banksters who control DC.

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The Patriot act is a large skid mark on the underwear that has become our constitution. 1984 was only 25 years off in its prediction. This is suppose to be for terrorists. Why do we have open borders if there is a terrorist problem ? Obama signed the extention of this act on the 3rd day of his term in private after campaigning he would remove it and have a transparent administration. I want the U.S. constitution back !!! I wonder how the Obamanoids feel about the fact that they voted in a War mongering Fascist ?? God bless !

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Anyway just look at the rest of the message. Study the Federal Reserve. You may find out the rest will open up at a later date. Took me 7 1/2 years to doubt the official govt version of the conspiracy so I have real empathy towards your position. Be well Ekeefe3.

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Your a freak Oldtex and I like that about your. Keep up the fight. Your da man.

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You are da man brother !

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Building 7 fell into its own footprint in 7 seconds without being hit by an airplane. Silverstein Admitted to pulling the building (tech term for controlled demo). I bought the official conspiracy for 7 years so I understand not wanting to believe Arabs are not solely behind this. You post well and are a Patriot. Please give the forensic science a shot. Cutting corners doesn't turn a building into a neat pile of dust in its own footprint in 7 seconds. God bless.

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Building 7 wasn't hit by an airplane and fell into its own footprint in 7 seconds. Larry Silverstein ( owner of the complex) is on video admitting they decided to pull (tech term for controlled demo) the building. It takes months to rig a building for a controlled demo. How did they know they would need to pull the building. Why would they from a few minor office fires ? take a look at the forensic evidence. I used to react just like you until I actually looked at Architect and Engineers of high rise steel buildings explain the science. I bought the govt. version of the story for 7 years but, no longer do. god bless.