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Perhaps if the Church actually stood up for Chrstians rather than muslims and other faiths, the people of Britain might see it differently. As I see it, the Church of England is living in a dream world, with their heads in the sand. They, like many native Britains who ignore the problems are in a for a big shock.

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Now where have I heard all of this before. It sounds rather like the "British Jobs for British Workers" comments used by the dictatirship a few months back. Words are cheap Mr Brown - we want to see some real, positive action. It is time for this government to go.

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Tom, speak to your unit and seek permission to attend. Just tell them you have been invited to a parade or festival and ask that you be granted permission to wear uniform. I will be doing the same for the next leafleting campaign for the elections.

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Tom. I too am a serving soldier, currently in Afghanistan. The best thing to do is get permission fro your unit to attend the parade. Just tell them you have been invited by a political party to attend the parade and see what happens.

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I really cannot wait until the BNP get into government and sort this damn mess out. The government should be ashamed of themmselves, as should the opposition parties such as the Liberals and Conservatives.

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This employment of foreign workers in preference to British has got to stop.

Last year I visited Monkey World in Dorset. Practically all the staff dealing directly with the public were Polish or Eastern European. Many of them couldn't even speak English.

There are plenty of local people who would take the work but all the owners are concerned about is making money and employing cheap labour. They are not interested in helping the local economy. In addition to huge profits in visitor and shop revenues, they make a lot of money from TV work.

I urge everyone to boycott venues that employ eastern Europeans in preference to British workers. It is a discrace that we allow this to continue.

You should also tell the venue why you are not visiting them.

I am returning to Afghanistan in 2 days so this will be my last post for 4 months. I wish all members and the Party the best of luck in the forthcoming months. May we go from strength to strength.

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When I see things like this, it makes me very angry. It is hardly surprising people are voting for change in the UK. I find it quite amazing that we have allowed this sort of practice to continue in our country and it needs to be stopped. Why should these people be allowed to take piss out of the tax paying British public.

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Nothing surprises me about the UK police any more. Personally, I think they need to be disbanded and a new force recruited from scratch. The senior leadership are a discrace. PCism is rife. I feel very sorry for the good coppers but something really needs to be done.

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Well done the BNP for supporting these British workers. I feel this is only the start of people showing their utter contempt for the Government and its so-called policies. The Government and others were warned not to ignore th British people, yet they did precisely that. It is time for change in the UK. Well done to these British workers. I support you 100%.

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Hi Anthony,

Simple answer - they don't.