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Stay on topic, ExToryAgent, or you'll be barred. There are plenty of opportuities to comment on Brexit on this site, so you will be able to take them.

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"For it was the Withdrawal Agreement which continued the journey which the Anglo-Irish Agreement began – that’s to say, putting a greater distance between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom. In a nutshell, Johnson’s version was better for Great Britain than May’s, but worse for Northern Ireland, and so problematic for the Union as a whole."

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"We apologise if this article gives the impression that these five choices were easy ones. They were not. There was a case against each of them; historical inevitability is a Marxist delusion, and all might have turned out differently."

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"And it is clear that test and trace has not delivered those rates to date. So if it didn’t so before the coming lockdown, how likely is it to do it afterwards?"

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Thank you, Pete. We have managed to digitise top notch political discussion, but we have sadly yet to work out how to transmit pastry via broadband.

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Hi Derek - yes, all you need in order to tune in to our events is to register for the conference itself, either as a party member or an observer. Then when you come to log in to the conference website on the day, click to go to the Fringe area, select the ConservativeHome section and you'll be able to view the event which is on at that time, or to see our other forthcoming events. Thank you for your support.

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You've been warned about being rude to other contributors and will now be barred.

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Yes, that's better - will change.

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Stop the multiple posting or you will be barred.

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If you're rude to other contributors you will be barred.