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Please note the quotation marks, as Elaine Turner has above.

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"What does this mean for Brexit? Germany is in a state of paralysis. There will probably be new elections, but it is far from certain that these will produce a more decisive result...There is in fact no one with whom we can negotiate in Berlin, and no one in Brussels. Merkel’s downfall and replacement will probably come too late to have any bearing on the Brexit talks."

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ToryLeftist and MalcolmDunn, please refrain from personal insults in the comment section.

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We welcome opinions, but not abuse, LT. Please control yourself in future, or you'll be banned from commenting.

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That's a self-selecting survey, not a poll. The polls show the results standing the same as they were at the time.

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Please refrain from personal abuse, DespiteBrexit and drmerlin.

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"And just what would be the cost of balloting the 150,000 or so members of the Party?"
It wouldn't have to be a very expensive process at all, WHS - other parties carry it out successfully online.

"Positions which - with respect to those concerned - many members will have no idea about any of the candidates."
I agree - under the current system, there's no need for the candidates to get to know members even though they're meant to represent them. With a more democratic system, there would be a need.

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Thank you.

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The July survey results published were not taken from reader responses as a whole, as you seem to suggest. They were taken from self-declared Party member responses. The same Party members were e-mailed the August survey, along with roughly another 2000 Party members who had also self-declared.

In short, both month's results were drawn from a similar set of eligible participants (i.e: self-declared party members). No survey result has ever been based on the same set. That would require exactly the same Party members to reply each month, which has obviously not been the case.

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As per the headline, I certainly don't ignore or dismiss the problems the Conservative Party has. Indeed, having spent the summer interviewing key figures and investigating the failures of the campaign, you can expect a detailed series on those problems come September.

As per the article:
"Yes, of course the Conservatives would much rather have won with a maintained or increased majority. But, amid the grim self-scrutiny of a lost majority, we shouldn’t imagine that everything’s rosy on the other side of the aisle."