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This site has long supported energy independence from Russia (and indeed Saudi Arabia).

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I am, for my sins - I simply think the lives of British civilians are also quite important.

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The widespread concerns about the proposed changes to the Constitution are not based on things being put about by anyone, Elaine - they're based on the text of the proposed Constitution itself, as published by ConservativeHome in November:

The debate at the convention might not have covered candidate selection, but it is the case that the proposed Constitution deletes the existing rules on selections and substitutes them with a catch-all clause leaving the Candidates Committee in complete control of choosing and altering the process as it wishes. That would allow CCHQ to impose their will further, whether the convention is concerned about it or not.

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As a good comms person, he's rarely in front of the camera - and in fairness the above picture is a self-portrait!

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Nicho81, please note ConservativeHome's comments policy:

There is no need to be abusive - it is perfectly possible to be critical without resorting to sustained swearing, and we would ask you not to do so, please.

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We aren't aware of the specific ad campaign you refer to, Perfidiously, but a portion of the advertising displayed is inspired digitally by, ahem, the reader's own browsing history...

Seeing your second comment, perhaps you have been searching for lasers of some sort?

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Please note the quotation marks, as Elaine Turner has above.

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"What does this mean for Brexit? Germany is in a state of paralysis. There will probably be new elections, but it is far from certain that these will produce a more decisive result...There is in fact no one with whom we can negotiate in Berlin, and no one in Brussels. Merkel’s downfall and replacement will probably come too late to have any bearing on the Brexit talks."

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ToryLeftist and MalcolmDunn, please refrain from personal insults in the comment section.

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We welcome opinions, but not abuse, LT. Please control yourself in future, or you'll be banned from commenting.