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"Over a third want the Prime Minister to walk out of the talks altogether. That proportion may be boosted by this week's deadlock but backing for it is clearly substantial."

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Didn't claim it was originally a footballing term, merely that it is sometimes used as one - as in: "the free kick floated into the corridor of uncertainty".

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How YouGov and ConHome's findings are on the same page:

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Any such comment can and should be reported for moderation using the "Report" button , jimmyalex123 - please do so if you encounter any.

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NB would the person reporting comments in the above thread please contact the editors at news [at] conservative urgently.

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I'd suggest you learn at least a little about the Black September's particular attitude to the handling of hostages, comauver - the group, like various of its allied and likeminded organisations, had a notable and nasty habit of reserving specific attention for Jewish hostages and victims, not some separate focus on Israeli citizenship in itself. It's quite remarkable you've managed to interpret criticism of murderous racist terrorists to the idea that this represents "believing that criticism of Israel is being anti semetic."

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Headlines are written by ConservativeHome's editorial staff, as in any newspaper. But they are based on the content of the article - in this case the word appears in Dr Lee's letter.