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That information is taken from Wikipedia, not Google.

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It's worth it if you're not happy with how you look. You should be happy. I was not. I wish I had lost a lot of weight beforehand. I needed to for my own health anyway.

(Again, this is Bethany, clearly, I don't know why it keeps commenting for me as Commentary).

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You're right, it was a poor choice of words. The post has been edited. The armistice ended active conflict.

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We golf on Shabbat with the Koch brothers while eating out treif? Why didn't anyone tell us?

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Well, this is awkward.

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I really loved this post. We took that "dream honeymoon" and while we didn't pay that much for it considering what it was (a week in Europe in Spain and Rome), it was too much. We didn't have the money and we're just now starting to save after having been married for over a year (we were in debt from the trip and also from my husband being unemployed for a year). We're 30 and 26 respectively, but we're in the same boat. I have to tell you that we were miserable on that honeymoon thinking of the money we were blowing on things we should've been spending it on. You'll be glad you didn't do the same.

(again, this is Bethany, not Commentary)

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We did family only in his grandmother's backyard and had BBQ. I didn't want to have a wedding either, and I'm glad I got nice pictures, but I have never wanted that big party either. No regrets.

PS this is Bethany, not Commentary :)

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I'm having this conversation right now with gay friends on my Facebook, where this is posted. Try again.

-Bethany Mandel

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This is Bethany Mandel by the way - I apparently am still logged in under my work account :)