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Exactly Seth fucking blows and doesn't know what he is talking about!

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I don't really know know what you were expecting, I said the entire time that I wasn't going to argue with you. You were trying to prove a point to someone who just doesn't care what you think. That is not ad hominem, it's just stubbornness on your part to not get that I don't give a fuck. You are and were mad, look at the effort you put into your posts, it's pretty damn funny how desperate you were to prove me wrong. EQD is not a reliable source, there are tons of bronies who don't even get on this shit website. Star Trek, the original, got canceled despite it's popularity.

Um yeah let's do this again, I would love the chance to troll someone who is such an easy target! 10/10 would troll again. You mad? Git Rekt#

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LOL you apparently don't know what an ad hominem is, I am not trying to explain why I am not presenting my evidence, I am simply not trying to win this argument. It's so cute to see you rage so hard about something that I don't really care too much about, bwhaha. Actions speak louder than words and your walls and walls of text that no one reads tells me that you are more than a little upset. You called me stupid? OH NOES what will I do now, one neckbeard loser thinks I am stupid, my feelings are crushed now.

As I said I am not going to argue of someone of lesser intelligence who posts EQD polls as actual empirical data, but this "Also a show's popularity is determined by how many watch it" is simply untrue. For example, Star Trek insanely popular, yet got pulled because of ratings.

So mad so funny!

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I thought you would get mad, which you already are and I haven't even argued with you at all lol. By posting this you have only proven my point. I do have data to back-up my claim of popularity, ya know the thing we are actually talking about. I already know I can't change your opinion of that shitty show. However, I know that if I do present my data you will either be too bias or too ignorant to heed it. Also, I missed spelled fanboy to troll you... and it worked lolololol, you took that bait so hard bro.

One more thing you said this "So no, MLP in and of itself, just the show, is 100% less profitable for ad revenue", if I am not mistaken you pointed to ad revenue there.

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Read your own post fanboi, you mentioned ad revenue and you said that your source was whatever wikipedia had cited. I already told you I am not going to argue with a fanboi, your opinion is way too bias for a converstion to do anything. Instead of being a flamer here on the forums go watch that piece of shit, poorly animated, poorly written, poorly executed thing you call a "unique show".

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Haha you are such a little fanboy. Your logic is severely flawed, I don't like the show so therefore I don't know about it. Now who is being the dick? Here is your problem you made a conclusion based on Wikipedia and then you tried to gather evidence for your argument. You are giving any real sources other than ratings on the matter and on top of that you didn't even consider any of the things I told you to consider (i.e. Air times, outside viewing). So yeah I knew this going in that you were going to be stubborn in your fanboy ways, but oh well.

Also I would name a few shows that are just as "deep" and "complex" as AT, but you would really not listen anyway. You appear to be set in your ways. Before I go though I want to point something out to you, the toy market is a thing and it can be a small sample of how popular something is. Think about the AT section at Hot Topic, it's modest at best. Now think about the huge FiM section. Wow look I cited something other than ratings *gasp* what the?!?!

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Don't try to reason with this guy he only believes wikipedia and ad revenue. Oh he also believes there is no show EVER like adventure time.

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Just because you saw on Wikipedia that AT has higher ratings doesn't mean jack shit. FiM is more popular.

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I am not going to argue with fanboys which I can see there are multiple in the conversation. You think the show is good, I think the show is absolute trash, we can agree to disagree. However "objectively the AT show is more profitable" this is just untrue, and I would like to thank Hasbro for selling a shit load of toys to push the market in FiM favor.

As far as the ratings, did you just go to Wikipedia and look that up, because that is some flawed logic. Consider this, the times in which the shows air and the amount of people that watch the show outside of the network.

"AT is not like any other show that previously aired" I literally laughed at this, good joke buddy really good joke.

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AT relies on nostalgia to gather it's viewers and in my opinion it's writing and humor is just one big gimmick. I can get all the same humor and even story from the really old promo episode with Pen instead of Finn, you also have to remember about the shows different formats 11 min vs 22 min. Friendship is Magic on the other hand gains it's praise and fans by just being the best damn cartoon on television today, ratings show it, sales show it, and our invasion of the mainstream media (RR being in actual Theatres!) show it.