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After taping my garden and several humming birds that dropped by today, I also taped a large balloon floating by. I didn't think anything of it until this evening when I read/watched this KATU news video. Naturally after watching this, I broke down in tears. It may have been just a coincidence that I saw /taped a balloon since I live in SE PDX but still...

There has not been one day that has passed by since June 4th, 2010, that I have not thought of little Kyron.. and my tomorrows will be the same until he is found. He is forever in my thoughts and heart.

Please someone, anyone, please just bring Kyron home...

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As a mother of twin boys, NO WAY would I have driven them around for an ear ache to calm them down!
Seems it's more like Terri drove Kiara around to calm her down after Terri had done something terrible to Kyron.
I am sure if Kiara saw something bad/or upsetting towards Kyron, her big brother, Kiara would have been confused and upset and most likely why Terri drove her around - to calm her down and to help her forget what she saw. I do not fall for the "ear ache" story one bit!

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In this article:

"At 1:21 that afternoon Terri Horman posted the science fair photos on her Facebook page. At 3:30 she went to meet Kyron’s school bus, which he never boarded. Then came her 9-1-1 call, and the search for Kyron began."

I believe Terri KNEW Kaine was coming home this day to work in the afternoon and posted the "science fair" pictures on FB right before he came home. He left the office around 1:45 pm and was home by 2:00 pm to see her "already" on the computer.

I wonder what explanation she gave to Kaine as to why she did NOT stay at the science fair and bring Kyron's project home since that is the (so-called) reason why she had the truck this day in the first place.

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Thank you! I am very upset they are cutting Special Ed to keep PE (talk about discrimination!) . I don't get it. For instance OREGON is now 2nd highest in the nation with autism, based on 8 yr olds data from 2008-2009

Our 6 yr old twin son is not even part of that data (yet) Oregon WAS 3rd highest now we are 2nd.
PPS GETS BENEFIT DOLLARS for my disabled autistic 6 yr old twin son to attend a PDX school, but then they turn around and make cuts to Special Ed!

I am so upset about this and thinking of just throwing in the towel on PDX schools and homeschool my twin sons. I've had it.

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On (just before the COOK story came up) there is a section where many wrote messages like yours- nothing negative to Terri but messages filled with understanding, pleas and hope etc TO Terri. Apparently Terri often read Blink's website.

Like I said, that section was written a few days before the COOK incident came up, and all those kind loving hopeful words to Terri have NOT worked to persuade her to do anything. It's the same TERRI as usual: not speaking, not helping, nadda.

You can read this section here:

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Yes, I just saw a tweet on Twitter from Harry Oakes asking for volunteers to help him this weekend -- Quote of his tweet that I retweeted: PLS RT @searchdogk91 I need volunteer searchers for this weekend 2 search 4 Kyron Horman. Email me at if U want 2 help.

I too wish the family would provide Mr Oakes something to go on.. it just might make THE difference we're all hoping for: TO FIND KYRON HORMAN and bring him home.

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I believe it is the MEDIA that have chosen not to give the identity of the landscaper. I also think there's more to the landscaping story and that part of it only LE knows and not the media.

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And isn't it interesting, she made the 911 call about it, however, she never never pressed charges...
One has gotta' wonder.

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Treat her like a terrorist KAINE and say NO DEAL - just tell us where KYRON IS.
I am so ticked off reading/hearing this news (and wow it shows over on twitter!). She can hire Houze, but then expect Kaine to give her money to move out of HIS HOUSE? Houze, I bet this was your idea... ugh!
Houze will also become a hated uttered name in every families household right along with Terri Horman's name.


Seriously, after reading this article over on WW found here:
TERRI HORMAN reminds me of one of THOSE people that every time she even wiggles her lips, you know it's a LIE!

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If I could, I would write what I really feel about her, but can't do it here, so I rant off over on twitter! LOL

BTW, She actually started caring for Kyron when he was almost 2 years old per the "Blended Family" Oregonian article found here:

This woman will pay for what she's done to Kyron one way or another...during and after her pathetic life