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I have already heard about this meal!! It looks delicious and it will no doubt have to be tried here. I'm just salivating over your Rose Verjuice from Orange. Actually all of it is tickling my tastebuds.

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oh what are your nieces going to say when they see how you've interpreted their book?

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Thanks! You've inspired my cooking today. Not exactly the same as yours - but my regular Kangaroo Curry with some twists :) No chick peas as yet - but you never know it is still in formation process on the stove.

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Fab Dave and there is such potential in those pics. Oooh now you make me want to go on holiday again!! we only just came home didn't we!??

Love the drawings, the creek and the clivus multrum - hope it was a very "pleasant convenience" for you both :)
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Twas powerful wasn't it. You know we rarely have the TV on around here during the day. LIttle Eee flicks it on occasionally these days and this just happened to occur during the PM's speech. So I heard most of it and also Malcolm Turnbull's. I am so glad I was able to "participate" in this important occasion.

There is wisdom in our little ones, and no doubt this was no coincidence for us.

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A true toddler - speaking from experience!

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Cool Dave!

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I so feel with you Diane. I can relate to those feelings and I am still renting! We have been here a while now and my family in here makes it my home. Thankfully we'll be here a while longer.

Enjoy your new journey and know our prayers are with you.

Love Cee

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Oh my favourite. I so love this - nature and God fit so well together for me. He speaks to me so often in these surrounds.

It was so beautiful to be one of the women performing this - so free, so liberating, so creative. I loved this free form.

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It was so so so so funny. love ess

Muttley often makes an appearance here as well so I'm told. It must run in the family.

Love you