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It's not's called being prepared.

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This just goes to show that Obama will throw anyone, black or white under the bus, if they interfer with his aganda or campaign... especially if they are aged. LOL

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LOL that's funny!

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I can't believe someone didn't run him out of there on a rail!
This is OUR country folks. It doesn't belong to congress. Or if it does we need to change it quickly.

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I was in advertising for 30 years.
In order to keep FOX News and Beck on the air we need to support their advertisers.
Advertisers are the first ones targeted when someone is trying to get rid of someone else...because with NO money you can't stay.

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We can already look forward to a tax increase because of the health care bill which includes $500 Billion in cuts to our seniors on medicare. This cut is in order to provide health care for illegal aliens in this country. Why, you ask, would our government do that? Because they expect to get the Hispanic vote in the November election and also in the next presidential election. This is also the reason they do not want to seal our borders and prevent Illegal Hispanics from entering this country. Legalizing them all with amnesty to create a new voter base now that ACORN has been exposed. What do you suppose 14 million illegal aliens will do to our economy, hospitals, schools, and government programs? Do you think our taxes will go up and up every year? Yes!

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I am still clinging to my guns and bible and proud of it.

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Dazed and confused. He needs to join Andy at the fishin' hole.
How about helping legal American citizens get a job?

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These guys plotting against Palin sound like dirty little school boys.

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I think we should all donate to Breitbart to help pay his attorney! :)