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Yeah, it's not a series, just the one book, but it's a lovely story and there's at least two movies I know of that were made out of it, both starring Jenny Agutter as one of the main characters. I highly recommend you take a look at any version.

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The entire section with Edith Nesmith is a very clear shout-out to one of the beloved classic English books about children and trains - The Railway Children by E. Nesbit. It makes perfect sense that Pratchett would reference that particular book in a story all about trains, and that book was one of my childhood favourites, so I was thrilled to see it mentioned here.

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Not really. Pretty sure Carrot mentioned way back in Men At Arms that he and the others had clubbed together to buy Captain Vimes a decent watch that runs on clockwork instead of a cheap one with a "brownei" (presuaby an imp of some kind) inside. I doubt watches have got more expensive since then.

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My first impression of that scene was that if he could see her bare belly, she was unclothed enough that some physical characteristics could be seen that Vimes would recognise as female.

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Aaaaaah Malcolm Reynolds always brings me joy. <3

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To be fair, the Watch as a group entity doesn't have jurisdiction outside the city... but Sam Vimes, with all his titles, DOES, and he brings the people he knows he can rely on, i.e. Watchmen, with him as his personal aides.

(Also, I have seen at least one fanfic that puts the Feegles in the Firefly-verse, on Serenity. It's actually rather good :D)

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If you want the anecdote from Terry's perspective, V erpnyy vg fubjvat hc va gur nsgrejbeq bs V Funyy Jrne Zvqavtug. Ng yrnfg vg qbrf va zl pbcl.

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Both of my grandmothers passed away after descending into severe dementia. It's one of the most heartbreaking things. My mum's mum was painful because she was still able to talk but just didn't make any sense, on top of having a whole host of other conditions that meant she was both incredibly confused and in almost constant pain. She didn't recognise any of us and kept calling me, my mum and my little sister by other relatives' names even though said other relatives never came near her.

My dad's mum, who passed away just a week before Christmas last year, wasn't even able to talk by the end. She just lay there looking terrified of everything because she wasn't sure what was going on. We thought she might understand what was being said to her, but we had no way to confirm it. Our theory is that she finally slipped away once she processed the news that her husband, my grandad, had died two weeks earlier. They were such a close couple.

So yeah, dementia is a horrible thing. My mum's dad is suffering badly from Alzheimer's as well now and while he can still more or less take care of himself, the entire family is rallying round to make sure he's safe because he's a risk to himself. We all know what's going to happen in the end, but it's heartbreaking.

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Mostly because it's a challenge, I think. Something that looks totally doable from the ground and "hey, how hard can it be?"

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I wouldn't say you stole it, more that you do a similar thing. XD