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I just want to add Dodger to the list of 'hope Mark reads it' - that one was fun.

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Yo, Mark. I don't comment often but I've been here for a very long time.

I seem to recall that you felt a little doubtful/uncertain about going into a long series for your reviews. Has Discworld changed how you feel about exploring lengthy book series in this medium?

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And on this day I am reminded that I am a cynic.

Mark: oh look Rhys is inspiring all these others to come out as well!
Me: reading it much closer to 'look your majesty I'm a progressive just like you, please don't look into my ties to the grags because I have totally just been waiting for the new glorious day to arise!'
Something about "…a great many of the dwarfs she was talking to were already openly declaring themselves females who had been waiting for this moment for a very long time", especially the 'already', just makes it feel like a bunch of them are very quickly trying to establish some progressive credentials as soon as possible to be in their ruler's good books....

I don't even disagree with the idea that one person being open can give others the courage to be - I know it's true - but something about the phrasing here seems to nudge my mind to the more cynical interpretation in this specific instance.

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Psst, transgender, not transgendered, is generally the accepted wording.

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And Madame Sharn and Pepe close their story as cheerfully unabashedly queer as they started it: with Pepe's cheerful encouragement that Sharn pursue Macarona's evident interest. Bless their metal socks, I love them.

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From the previous section:
‘Pepe is…Pepe,’ said Madame calmly. ‘And there is no changing him, as it were, or her. Labels
are such unhelpful things, I feel.’

Pepe reads very nonbinary to me. Madame Sharn also doesn't read cishet - and there is the bit where dwarven gender roles are such that just identifying as female openly is an unconventional thing to do...

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Eli, the barrow boy
Of the old town
Sells coal and marigolds
And he cries out
All down the day

A rather similarly themed context is the first one that tends to occur to me.

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It would be a weak excuse... in this world, where as far as we know there are not magical powers playing on the mind. In the Discworld, though? Where the arcane forces of the universe play ding-dong-ditch on the brain of anyone vaguely susceptible? Sometimes, people will answer that doorbell.

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"Hi, I'm Miss Treason, and today I'm going to show how wise I am and how deeply I understand the human heart by getting pissy with a twelve-year-old and expecting her not to storm off and potentially make things worse."

Just saying, you expect an adult to do things with a bit more maturity than a preteen. No, Tiffany didn't know, Miss Treason, because you never told her. Just because Tiffany bears responsibility for her own actions doesn't mean that the actual adult who makes her living and reputation by judging people and understanding their motivations doesn't deserve a serious sideeye for her apparent inability to recall that shaming and humiliating people is not necessarily a useful contribution to the situation.

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"It is a pity I'm an ass."