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It is obvious that Turks are supporting and helping ISIS. Otherwise Suleiman's (grandfather of Osman I - founder of Turkish Osman Empire) tomb in Aleppo neighborhood, claimed by Turks would be destroyed long time ago as the hundreds of shrines and mosques and churches have been destroyed by ISIS barbarians in Iraq and Syria. Turks hate Kurds more than anybody else, so if ISIS wants to destroy Kurds they are natural allies of Turks. The fact that Turks are member state of NATO does not matter - in fact because of it US do not use a NATO moniker for attacking ISIS and not using their NATO basis in Turkey to flight their bombing missions against ISIS although it would be a logical and cheaper.

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Well, I am surprised to read here that Israelis might think about themselves as Europeans. I always thought that Jews are Semites just as Arabs are. And Semites are historically foreign to Europe.

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It is so easy for Zionists to recruit for their case. Just promise to some self-proclaimed Jewish people in poor Ukraine or Belarus or Russia free apartment or even a house and you have immediately a hard core Zionist.

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What a crazy world we live in. US will bomb inside sovereign countries Iraq and Syria. USG says it does not need to coordinate strikes with Syrian government and does nor allow Iraqi government to call Iran for help against IS. NATO started according to Ukrainian government sending weaponry to Ukraine so Kiev has means for ethnic cleansing of Russian speaking Ukrainians. Will Putin follow the suit and openly send weapons to east Ukraine rebels? Will we end up in nuclear war between US and Russia? Is it not the highest time to take from Obama his premature Nobel Peace Prize?

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Mr. Pilger, I thank you for your humanity and professional good, honest way of fighting for it! I hope the time is coming upon us that most people fed up with doublespeak of evil usurpers of human dignity will stand up and shout: "ENOUGH!!!".

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The only ones who do not want peace in Ukraine is Obama and coterie of neo-cons around him. That was the case in February when on February 21 Ukraine duly elected President Yanukovych signed agreement on Settlement of Crisis in Ukraine with opposition, witnessed by representatives of France, Germany, Poland and Russia. For Ukraine opposition signatures included Vitaliy Klichko, Oleh Tyahnibok and "our man in Kiev" Arsenij Yatseniuk. Immediatelly after the agreement the snipers started to kill police and rebels. In a telephone call between Estonian foreign minister Urmas Paet and High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton had been intercepted and Paet relayed testimony by a (medical?) doctor named Olga that the sniper killings during the protests were committed by the same people. Since the snipers used the roof of Kiev hotel which was taken over by Right Sector it is very likely that they were either from this Nazi group or somebody from outside under their protection. Although the signatories of agreement from opposition were after the coup in power in Ukraine investigation into acts of violence which should have taken the place monitored by the Council of Europe never materialized. That can mean the only thing - the power which was not part of agreement and invested 5 billions of dollars to this coup was more powerful then Council of Europe (F*ck the EU) and did not want the investigation. Same power is now making new demands just to stop peace in Ukraine.

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Provoking Russia just like Georgia did with US advisers. First - these NATO idiots should look to the map to see how much closer Ukraine is to Russia then to US or Germany. It is Russia right to protect its rightful interests. While we see US warships in Persian Gulf "protecting US interests" Russia can not be allowed to protect its own interests in its closest neighborhood. This is simple bullying just like Great Britain used to bully whole world in centuries before WWI. However, this is not leading by example but antithesis of it. Soon whole world will have enough of US, their bully tactics of financial and freedom sanctions, gun boats, air strikes anywhere in the world and staged coups as they like.

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The Ukraine as we knew it is practically finished. I can not imagine Russian speaking Ukrainians wanting to go back to that political unit anymore - not after atrocities that country inflicted on them in so called anti-terror operation. Unless US and NATO decide to fight to the last man and kill all of Russian speaking Ukrainians. US instigated shooting on Maidan after France, Germany and Poland signed a deal with Yanukovich in February. Same escalation of violence and wholesale killing started after MH 17 shoot-down. However Russia is still very close to let it happen.

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Hmm, until now the international community always meant USA and Europe Union and Canada (all NATO countries) as good behaving puppy. Now there is some NoName international community directed by CIA asset General Hilfer. This world is getting more and more complicated every day. Interesting fact is that former IC is not complaining this new use of their own moniker

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Talks are officially about Iran's nuclear program, thus it should stick to the country's responsibilities under NPT Treaty. They should not include anything other. No checking on Rouhani's hair color, Iran's pistachio production or anything else. The West should move with concerns to little bad country in Palestine, who has nuclear weapons and is not signatory of NPT. Especially USA should be concerned about those WMD, since they are partly build from plutonium stolen from US nuclear program.