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How did NP Lorne Gunter article highlight a change from the CPC platform?

What did you and Lorne get your copy of th CPC platform?

I don't remember a promise to do hard right turn if they win a majority.

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Thank you for all the wonderful comments. I don't see a swing to the Liberals, the usual suspects in the media are trying to manufacture another crisis every day on the campaign but nothing is sticking.

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You are not alone. I don't expect the Liberals or NDP to lose any sleep in removing the PM if he win 154 seats. They have been clear and ony a majority will prevent the next Bloc enabled coup.

Why else did the opposition delay democratic reform legislation? Why did the Liberals adopt the NDP platform? Dion did not tack as far left as the Ignatieff Liberals.

Dion forced NDP-BLOC to allow corporate tax rates to drop to spur growth and investment. The current leadership in Liberals have lost all centrist fiscal blue Liberals.

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You made a statement, were asked a simple question to produce the Ontario budget that had Harris/Flaherty in a deficit and you can't? I am shocked, look up cognitive dissonance.

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Care to link the budget with a deficit and Harris/Flaherty?

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Care to back up the budget cuts in 1999 and have the Liberals return to a centrist policy with the NDP-Bloc support. What are you drinking?

Billions for left wing policies in wealth redistribution and a return to a neglect of our military and personal responsibility.

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Our media is refusing to give credibility to the warning of our PM about deal to ignore the election results. How much will the Bloc get from the Lib-NDP coalition?

English minority in QC are already under repressive laws. All Federal buildings will force French on their employees in Quebec? Eliminating uni-lingual Supreme Court judges already has support from Lib-NDP.

Lib-NDP desperation to gain power is weakening our respect for Parliament.

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Thank you, the media cheerleader have been pushing the Liberal resurgence since they were first defeated in 2006. They are too close to the Queensway to understand the real issues and scorn we heap on ALL politicians. You don't earn credibility in a thirty-six day campaign.

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You are not alone in wanting a better media outlet for reporting issues and news.

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The news media have tried to spin the 2004 as similar to the 2008 to help the coalition. The tapes and record are clear they are not similar.____Why is the media not calling the revisionist leaders "liars" is up for debate. Our PM has been clear never was a coalition. Makes the talking heads on the news programs look rather small for not being able to hold the current leaders accountable for their revisionist history.