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My brain is stuck but the warm weather and the ability to weed/prep my garden in the warm weather was lovely today.
The idea that there are only 3 weeks left to the semester is killing me.

I gotta get out of this nap habit if I ever am gonna finish my Dissertation but I am burned out on my department. The conference was a good jolt and my students are great this year, but I'm in a rut. And worried about summer income, having some would be nice.
Anyway. I can focus on flowers and there is this weird push/pull when spring hits and I really want to be outside and do all the garden things and it runs into manic FOMO and guilt over wasting sunshine (whatever the hell that is in my head, ?? where did that come from? and I get jammed up frozen between the two. I'm trying not to let that happen but *some* motivation would be nice.

Teens are still mostly holding. Teenboy sounds ok. I am missing Lee and the science museum fun we had last April.

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Thinking of you, Lee!

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Hi! (Waves furiously!)
trip was great, I have a new friend, school is inspiring but tech is not cooperating, and I gotta go meet a student.
The Teens seem to be in a holding pattern.

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In DC for AAG! I present a poster for the first time tomorrow at 11 am. I am feeling positive about it! Learning how to travel with slightly less type-A issues, so I guess that's good. Wish me luck on the metro!

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muscle memory is a thing. But I have also found that muscle ESP is a thing? In that, sometimes moving our body in ways that *coulc* signal anger, triggers the anger/strong emotion of your choice to come out. Like an active version of the body keeping the score, but keepng the score by worrying about things yet to come, through your muscles? Does that make sense?
There's a reason I haven't been able to do yoga lately, because yoga is what does it to me.

I am so far from testing its ridiculous!

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Regarding this, Teenboy is in crisis again and I"m far away in DC just hoping the other shoe doesn't drop. He only has to make it through 4 more weeks before he's back here and I can keep track of him. It is going to be a long 4 weeks.

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I am not filing Teenboy's taxes. I should be, but instead I am enjoying the last piece of lasagna and the kid-free moment. And I didn't feel like wrangling sick teen when really we can do it tomorrow. I am finally getting some energy back, so thankfully my Rx seems to be working. I was actually able to get up early for the first time in forever.
Felt crazy nervous about not getting more done publication-wise but my advisor meeting went really well. Starting to get nervous about DC in 10 days. Although I am probably more prepped than I usually am for this conference.

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same here. Just can't make it well and it's not worth the mess.
When we went to the Lebanese market the other day and I had some of their homemade hummus, I remembered why I stopped trying. Good hummus is a rare thing.

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It is always good that renovation projects have demolition parts to them, to help us deal with the frustration of the reno project.
Not having a kitchen is the hardest thing. Especially when it is so teasingly close. Congratulations on light!

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I was hoping to take Teengirl to Captain Marvel but it appears I have been drafted into the moral-support-audience for the HS play.

I had that same weird momentum going yesterday and today--usually I dread poster design, but this year's conference poster is just leaping onto the page and I am not stopping it just because I scheduled writing for today. Take inspiration as it comes!