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Thank you!!!

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oops, sorry to double post that!

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When my eldest was little he translated "live and learn" into "we live, and we think".

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Packing/prepping frenzy. Had to buy luggage and underwear. Thank whoever for tjmax clearance and target undies, 'cause fieldwork in 90f weather is not a time for skimping on skivvies.

I'm scared but excited for the trip.

Eta: when my eldest was potty training we told him not to worry, we "live and learn". He remembered it as "we live and we think".

I may also apply for a local parks job for the summer before i leave in 12 hours.
Im going to take a break and water my garden, then pack like a fiend. The luggage was needed so that i didnt have to make tradeoffs between liquids--both sunscreen and soap are important, and the deet!

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This is me taking a break from trip prep to say, when i was having female-type bleeding issues, they prescribed transhexamic acid. It was effective at cutting the bleeding way down, but i have no idea what stroke risks are with it. I have gone the bc forever route.

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woooboy it is getting nervewracking around here.
Got Teengirl into counseling. She...has been doing way worse mentally than she's been letting on. Not that I am surprised, it's not my first go-round, but I am a little sad that my kids have such shit brain chemistry to work with.

The plane leaves Saturday morning. Am sort of maybe ready in that I have purchased most things except a suitcase and hand sanitizer? Am sort of not ready as kids at home are kids at home, no matter what age.

Teengirl had a bday party at the beach. Best present: $7 bucket set shaped like a castle and castle parts. Best memory: watching teenagers blowing bubbles and building sandcastles.

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I didn't even care that I lost the phone, until I realized how many pictures I had on it. Then I burst into tears in the food court!
I am going to back that sucker up like nobody's business before I leave the country. And photos are going on the laptop and in the cloud.

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Oh, that is what i do, i have one memo bpok for school and one for house/mom stuff.
Its more the "trip and proposal defense and graduation and kid starts counseling and birthday all in the same two weeks" kind of thing.
I am not sure there is much i can do because i have them for only 2 individual weeks all summer, until August. If i want to do anything (or need to, like dental surgery july 5th for one kid), it just has to be this week or that one, period. I try not to hate all the pressure divorced summer causes.

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This weekend is for: packing for the trip, eating food that will spoil, cleaning and planning a birthday party for teengirl (at the beach so I don't have to clean too much), and quietly trying not to sob because the whole "grad students don't get a stipend in the summer" thing is hitting my budget seriously hard.
I lost my phone in the mall and started crying when I realized all the kids' pictures were on it. Teengirl helped calm me down and we did finally find it. That almost ruined the day but I was able to find field pants and we found a bubble tea place.

Teengirl at least decided she'd let me throw her a "party" and I think we're going to try to make a matcha cheesecake.

I should be ok with trip prep if I pick up a few tank tops and odds and ends (like sunscreen and deodorant) and maybe a new suitcase--I'm not sure mine can survive the tirip! I'm more worried about remembering my field techniques and writing interview questions now.

Thank goodness I have a driving teen so the bunnies/parrot are taken care of while I"m gone.
I maybe should work on my scheduling. I do seem to pile everything up at once, don't I?

Teenboy still hasn't decided on a party date. Hopefully it won't be while I"m gone, lol! (I am not really worried).

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Cancer is evil. I am sorry.

I will keep you and your mom in my thoughts.