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Checking in: trying to allow myself to take this week off from PhD and job hunting anxiety. (end of semester).

Teengirl's last day of high school is tomorrow. Ask me if she's got her term paper written or her final project done.

(used to be) Teenboy took a plea deal. Just typing that out makes me want to cry. Sentencing is in 2 weeks and I really, really don't want my kid in prison because he tried to kill himself. Not to mention that that will probably accomplish the former if he ends up there. June 8th please send all the everything you've got that my kid gets probation and can continue in treatment.

After that Teengirl turns 18 and the child support is over. Good, because I'm done with ex. Bad, because I have yet to earn a living wage or finish my PhD. Not like I"ve been distracted or anything.

Eldest got a new job driving a forklift and is satisfied for the time being.

I'm going to go buy plants and sit in the mud, weeding.

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I am right there with you, on both counts. I wish I had something more encouraging to say! You can always come take a break in Ohio for a few days if you need to switch things up and commiserate with someone new.
For self care, I'm going with "plant the damn flowers already" and "You KNOW this is a bad week for you, just acknowledge it so you don't get caught by surprise'.

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The kids I babysat had care bears but the closest i got was traded puffy stickers in my sticker collection book. 4th grade memories!

Just wanted to update to say that Teengirl is home, physically ok, and the new meds are really making a difference. How she will ever get anything made up in time to graduate is the next big challenge.
And I'm off crutches next week!

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agreed! Nice, simple, sandbox-level problems!

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T is off the breathing tube and awake sometimes. Pretty much beat up all the nurses when the hallucinations got bad (she'100lbs but it took 8 people to hold her down). eeg looks good, liver and kidneys are ok. Hopefully she will transfer out of the PICU today or tomorrow.

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i really needed to hear that. Thank you.

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Teengirl took a huge overdose. Is currently in PICU heavily sedated and medicated for seizures. They expect her to stay on the ventilator for several days. Send me strength. And the ability to go without sleep and not fuck up my hip surgery, please?

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was a scout through high school. Even got a job offer to be a guide at one of the (then) big 4 boy scout camps, tinnerman up on the french river. Really embarrassed my little brothers by setting a cliff jump (into a river) record that they had to live down. my favorites are samoas and tagalongs.

TW suicide
info in comments

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can't log in again on a a nrw thread. Teengirl attempted OD again last night. Is in ICU having seizures.

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Does fixing broken body parts count as self improvement? Because I'm on surgery #2 in 6 weeks and this one is tough. Like can't get myself dressed on my own for weeks tough.
Still plugging along trying to keep Teengirl afloat. Still waiting and fighting on two fronts the former-Teenboy court cases. Distracting him by talking about gardens again.
Haven't been able to log in for a while and I'm on my phone so I will keep it short. Getting some back PUA $ so I can open medical bills without a heart attack for the present, at least.