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I love looking at stuff other people have embroidered. I can't even do cross stitch in a straight line without bleeding fingers.

I have taken RoseCamelia's suggestion and my instagram name is MovingViolets. There's not much yet because thunderstorms are drowning things as fast as I plant them (there was a tornado in my county last night). But my snakey buddy was in my yew bush this morning.

I'm just dragging. self-motivation to finish my research is hard, and I am so sick of coding/learning matrix algebra.

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Our first bunny was given to us by a neighbor. He knew how to unlatch his cage --he managed to get out of his cage, which was inside the chicken coop, which was inside the big goat barn, all the way out, and I had to lay on my stomach to crawl under the grain barn in the snow to catch a white rabbit it 12F weather. We named him Houdini. You'd think I'd've learned!

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I am trying to keep it together but yesterday (because Teengirl's bday) I was not productive/together at all. Today was slightly better. I am in an epidemic of escaping bunny rabbits, and I need to pull up stakes (literally!) and re-make the rabbit pen in a different spot so if they KEEP digging their way out through landscaping gravel, at least they'll still be penned in. I'm not looking forward to the fence post setting, it's hard loud work.

I'm trying to be nicer to myself but I'm really behind in my research. Trying to make it to karate twice this week. Finally finished moving all the damn violets (It has been raining so much!) but still have to plant the sunflowers.

True confessions: I would love to give you all my instagram handle but....I don't have one yet! Does anybody have any suggestions for punny gardening themed instagram names?

(I asked Teengirl for ideas, and she responded, "Can they use the word hoe?")

I overdid it in the gardening/karate front sunday and monday and yesterday had to sleep A LOT. Beating myself up about it is not helping. I picked 4 strawberries that the birds hadn't eaten yet! Apparently the robins and blue jays prefer my chard. It is seriously almost just stems.

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Idiot epilogue:
He tried to get me to let Teengirl go canoeing with him today, he "already planned it". Canoeing is 20 minutes away and available all summer, he has her for the rest of the month, he doesn't need to take her away today! That was last night. My answer was "No".
This morning I'm in the garden and Teenboy comes out. "I'm going canoeing with dad. He told me to ask (Teengirl) but she didn't want to come".
Completely tried to go behind my back and get her to go to his thing today anyway. I made a face and when Teenboy asked, I said, I'm already missing her birthday, he has you guys for the next three weeks, he doesn't need to make plans on my time, too". I wanted to say, "I told him no last night and he used you to get around that" but Teenboy would react badly to that. I wish I knew why dad's feelings matter more than mine. I'm salty.

I am eating my feelings in the form of a fresh lemon bar from the local bakery.

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I love his name! and he's a cutie!

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Oh wow this has been A WEEK. My little cousin was in the ICU for 4 days--I grew up with her in the house every day after school and she was more like a sister. She had a UTI that went septic and she was completely incoherent and according to the doctor, hours from death. It's been a stressful time waiting to hear updates from Nebraska. She is finally home and resting now.

The idiot tried to steal Teengirl this weekend. Teengirl's school ended today, and he gets her for the rest of the month starting Sunday at 6 pm. Guess who tried to smoothly "when do I pick her up tonight?" me?

She is turning 16. It is bad enough I won't see her on her 16th birthday, the HELL he's getting her 2 days early. Dammit, I still have to make a cake! I've been divorced since 2011. So he's had 8 years to memorize the visitation rules. He's just doing it to mess with me at this point.

I have joined instagram so that I can show you guys garden photos (and so I can put them somewhere because I take goofy ones like, "these are where the seeds are so I remember when something comes up in this spot". How does this instagram thing work? Do I have something akin to Pinterest "boards", or does it all just go sequentially as I upload them? I am an Old, I need tech help.

I am trying to be better about taking my vitamins and I am gardening every day, which is bad for my skin (I sunburn easily) but good for the rest of me. Which is why I haven't been around, I've been trying to be really good about working/writing hours and the rest of my time is gardening or planning.

I have to plant the sunflower section and then I'm good. The only problem is that currently it's 11x5 sq. ft of violets. Violets are free, shade loving, rabbit- and deer- proof landscaping, so frugal me has to transplant all the violets first...

I have all my seeds filed by type in a tine in tiny folders. Yesterday while Teengirl was at an appointment, I brought the sunflowers and sorted by height and planned out the patch. Almost done!

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I am trying to get back to yoga, and she is on my list. However next week is all about getting back into karate first, then yoga (to deal with karate stiffness!) I am hearing so many people like her.

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I am using my absolutely ridiculous garden as self care. Today what was beautiful was that we actually have SUN after 2 weeks of storms and more storms to follow tomorrow at 7 am. What is not beautiful is the swamp that is my lawn and I think my neighbors are giving me side eye.

I have spent time designing interwoven rows of lettuce in a cable knit pattern (I hope the birds don't eat it all before it comes up), and a celtic spiral for my lavender, which I am outlining in gravel and I will try to post a picture when it's done. Totally unnecessary fussiness but I'm loving every minute of it, even if I do have to plant seeds between rainstorms.

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I would drive in new york city in a heartbeat before even trying the highway around Houston. Nope nope nopity nope, y'all drive crazy!

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I am allergic to milk (it breaks me out and I have congestion for days) and I feel your pain. Goat milk is safe, it has caprose, not lactose. Trader joes has all things goat cheese including goat brie and goat cheddar. For myself, my favorite melty cheddar substitute is manchego, made from sheep.
My favorite thing for ceral is vanilla soymilk, but I will deal with almond milk if necessary. Almond milk tastes bitter to me in coffee, however.
Tofutti used to be the BEST non dairy ice cream but I have been unable to find it lately. Except for tofutti cuties, ice cream sandwiches that my kids prefer to the real thing.