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Teengirl's winter band concert was last night. The snow was horrible, think sliding backwards downhill on the way to the school bad. We get home afterwards and my phone says I have a message. It was the psych ER at the college asking me to call them back.
After a wait of what seemed like hours but was really only about 5 minutes I got a doctor on the phone to explain that they weren't keeping Teenboy but did want him to start a counseling program. Then Teenboy got on the phone and told me what really happened--a friend was worried about him, reported it, he was doing ok but the university overreacted and sent cops to his dorm to wake him up and take him to the hospital in handcuffs. He seemed to be handling all that pretty well, considering. I suppose I would much rather they overreacted than underreacted, but handcuffs?

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my sister finished her sweater she was knitting, for herself, which is even better. Eldest will be starting a new job tomorrow, and Teenboy will finish up his first college semester next week.
Teengirl came very close to actually going somewhere social for fun today, that is good progress.
The drama, however, is not stopping. Update in comments.

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Those sound like very good goals, breakfast tacos especially.

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oh, that would be brave. I am struggling with the same issues. I am overweight and stressed and all of a sudden I have bad skin and jowls. WTF this totally isn't fair, I haven't even had a post-divorce relationship yet!
I know I wouldn't be able to do a year of photos. I can't even do a single selfie without angry crying.

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I wake up with headaches and neck pain if I fall asleep before i put my nightguard in. Do you grind your teeth in your sleep? The 25 dollar moldable one from the drugstore is thin and makes a big difference.

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chugging along. Could use some "more quickly clean up my data" vibes. Luckily the foot plus of snow turned up the day after I took Teenboy back to college (10 hours driving round trip). Teengirl seems to be doing ok. We are both having trouble letting ourselves stop homework long enough to eat, sleep, or exercise. I am dragging her to karate tomrrow just so I can practice even if she doesn't. I would lik her to at least not quit until after saturday (when i will drag her back to the dojo so I can do Tai Chi). Saturday I would like for her to use as a no-pressure personal practice time since Tai chi is only 4 of us moms/mom-senseis and sometimes all we do is meditate the whole time.
I want her to give herself the permission to practice but I have a feeling it won't happen.

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ouch, losing a farm hurts. Lived through giving away my kids 4H goats and chickens and cats.

I am glad you are aware. I just personally can't keep quiet when I hear "I don't want to take sides" because most people are not like the lovely people here who are thoughtful and considerate.

It sounds like you are feeling things out as well as can be expected. Sometimes things do fall apart despite our best effort--the people who helped me the most were the practical ones who called in yardwork favors or found homes for goats or got me out of the house for a drink when I was overwhelmed.

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I have typed and retyped and deleted and retyped.
So fuck it, here is my 2 cents. TW abuse.

If there is cheating or abuse involved, and you remain neutral, you are siding with the abuser. Be very aware in your interactions with the 2 of them going forward so that you don't cause any more pain.

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I love you. This is the best turkey advice ever.

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Oh my. I am still stuffed--and all the baked goods left over aren't helping me stop eating!
The feast was a lot of fun, Eldest was very proud as he made the mashed potatoes and the turkey for the first time ever. We all really enjoyed cooking and making a disaster of this small house. We have discovered that "faux turkey tofurkey" is a really great tongue twister.

Neither Teengirl, Teenboy, or I got much sleep before around 5 am today, for various reasons. I am still trying to get my brain functional. I want to knit and craft all day but what I will do is dishes, cleanup, and homework, probably.