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very big hugs.

I'm in those trenches with you, if you need to vent

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The prosecutor refuses to deal, and the trial was literally supposed to be a year ago. So nothing really changes, except that the slight chance that I might have my kid home for the end of the year is gone. And if this is like in March, the courts won't be back up until February. I want to hug my kid and it's gonna be a lot longer before I can.

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2 weeks. We were 2 weeks away from trial and the courts are shut down again due to covid.

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Hi right back! I'm trying to be around more!

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Realistically? An empty kitchen sink. But at least there's sunshine today.

Shamelessly asking for job vibes for Eldest, although I'm sure he'll be fine. He got fired today but already has an interview lined up for tomorrow. It was much easier to make everything better when they were little.

Teengirl is packing for her trip. The next county over went purple. Luckily, where she's going in FL is still orange, which is lower than we are.
Her bff told me that theirdad thought I just didn't want to ride in a car with him when I declined the FL trip (he can be long-winded, and very cautious). I made sure that they knew that really, I am just bowing out so that they can have a mom-free vacation. But man that beach sure sounds amazing right now.

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That's just extra unfair. I'm very sorry for you and your friend's loss.

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I am really really really feeling the "I just want to be able to pay my own bills and live" part of being unemployed right now. Although new part time research job is easy peasy and international research team, so extra bonus academia exposure (bonus in this case, academic exposure is not always a bonus).

Still no progress in (not anymore a)TeenBoy's case. Looking at next week by myself as Teenboy's house stopped allowing even outside visitors and Teengirl is going to FLA saturday morning (in the safest way possible and meeting up with nobody.)

So spending summer on the couch with a bad back killed my veggie garden. But you guys make me feel a lot better because my tiered herb planter hasn't completely died since I brought it in the house, the rosemary's still alive, the thyme and lavender are bedded down for the winter, and my mint, basil, chamomile, lemon thyme, lemon balm, sage and parsley all thrived. I even have beautiful dried chives in my kitchen!

Anyway. I have had to face some things while looking at multiple surgeries. Realising again that ignoring things/putting up with because that's what strong people do has once again been my downfall? or circular life lesson, or something?
I have an adjunct interview lined up for Dec. Working on a paper unrelated to my dissertation. Haven't done diss work yet. Gee, figured out that you don't get a lot of work done at your desk when it hurts to sit there. After allowing myself to move the giant fluffy chair over to my desk and have teengirl move the monitors I've been able to let myself work. WHy the hell did I spend a year blaming depression for the fact that I wasn't writing due to fixable physical pain?

Anyway. When I grow up, if I have another house with a peaked ceiling I'm hanging up a yoga hammock in the middle of the living room.

My mom and I will be alone together this thanksgiving. We're going to watch An American Pickle and eat pickles. And pickled beets. And maybe olive bread and pickled peppers. Pickle Thanksgiving!

ETA: also, Teenboy has decided he is still a boy, I'm not being disrespectful of him or anything. Bonus: I get a bunch of my leggings back.). And it turns out you can inherit a beard.

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And that is why I'm replying 2 days late to the open thread...I'm trying to do less of the talking inside my head!

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I love you guys. Those clouds are definitely scudding. Although we finally had our first real "it's going to snow all day and stick around at 30f a few days" weather, and honestly, it's like the other shoe finally dropped.

I once got an A+ in freshman English for using the word "scudding".
I've been falling asleep to the seamus heaney beowulf on youtube, which probably primes me for words like that.

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i'm in a red county---I was very grateful to be in target (and away from my neighbors) when the chorus of "thank god" and "now i don't have to find a job in Canada" comments started.