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Still here. Career stuff looking good, but in the nature of academia, unreliable. Didn't end up teaching this semester.

TW: surgery

went in for an ovarian cyst removal wednesday and (not a surprise to me) they found a bunch. of endo and removed it. Teengirl is being incredibly doting and I may attempt a shower. Brain is finally in work gear again and body isn't cooperating!

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still here. A fresh legal hell has been added to the former-Teenboy saga. Still waiting to find out if and what I will teach this semester, at a new college, will have only days to prepare. But, hey, at my pre-op appointment I got told that I have "a simply beautiful ekg"! And then I got flirted with by a cute guy at the Lebanese bakery/deli. I'll take it.

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TW: whiny rant ahead

SO. Instead of having surgery next week, I'm having ovarian surgery at the end of Jan and then recovering and having hip surgery in March. Guess when Teenboy's trial will probably be?

So I'm turning 50 next week. Got divorce right at 40. Had no job, no money, couldn't work because I was dealing with hip and pelvis injuries. I worked my ass off raising my kids and getting 1 1/2 degrees in the past 10 years, only to have my archaeology prof fired for sexual harassment. Have a part time teaching job, maybe, if there are enough students at the community college to teach. But instead of having surgery before the semester, I'm now gonna have to figure it out during the semester at a new college.

Oh, and Teengirl still self-harms when we talk about college apps, and Eldest's job is being shitty so he's stressed about money. She turns 18 in June and child support runs out. My mom can pay my mortgage for about 6 months...until June-ish, when the double whammy hits. Whatever, I've given up on the money angle and chalked it up to 2020 again. BUT
I fell apart and dumped on teengirl. "I've worked for 10 years and done all the things right and made all the plans and every last one has gone spectacularly wrong and here it is TEN YEARS LATER and I still have no money, no job that I can live on, and am facing a year of surgical recovery and crutches. Which also means that I can't do any fieldwork either. DUUUUUUUUUUUUDE the winter bleak has gotten me good.

Plus my mom's way of grieving has been to make sure that I got a will made and life insurance bought, which isn't helping the whole "turning 50 and haven't been kissed in over a decade" thing.
PLUS my little cousin (47) has stage 4 colon cancer.

Sorry, that pity party just had to happen. I hate my birthday.

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I cannot even tell you how much this (unfortunately) resonates with me.

Sympathy and commiseration.

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Ok, trying this again!

We were incredibly lucky that the tree our electric line runs through didn't come down. It sagged but held. My mom and others down the street didn't have power all week.

20 inches is typical lake effect snow. 3 times in the past 24 years we've had 5 feet in 24 hours. Once was on Earth Day.

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Still waiting for last week's 20 inches of snow to melt enough to use the front and back doors. Currently we're just using the garage door, because it nearly killed Teengirl and I to get that much shoveled clear, even with the plow coming 3x. It was just that fast.

Eldest is a bit down because he can't start his new job until the background check clears. Teengirl is dealing with midterms.

How about we burn Teenboy's legal mess, my bad ovary and hip, and Teengirl's college app anxiety? And my ptsd. Too much?

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very big hugs.

I'm in those trenches with you, if you need to vent

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The prosecutor refuses to deal, and the trial was literally supposed to be a year ago. So nothing really changes, except that the slight chance that I might have my kid home for the end of the year is gone. And if this is like in March, the courts won't be back up until February. I want to hug my kid and it's gonna be a lot longer before I can.

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2 weeks. We were 2 weeks away from trial and the courts are shut down again due to covid.

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Hi right back! I'm trying to be around more!