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I grew up on Lake Erie, so waterspouts happened a lot and were small like that. They would put half a tree in our yard and lots of fish on the roof.

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This is the third on this stretch of road in 15 years (i mean, the same 3 mile stretch). One formed directly above my farmhouse, one jumped across street from my farmhouse, hit the grocery store and kept going, at least one of the ones yesterday formed over the grocery store. I don't know if this will work, but here's a pic of the grocery store lot yesterday:

For reference, my old farmhouse is about 1.5 miles north of this pic, and the high school 1.5 miles south.

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So before this sounds like woe and misery, keep in mind that I am posting from of position of "well dammit I'm officially sick and I"m spending the weekend on the couch or in bed and I will try my hardest to give no fucks".
Yesterday I went to counseling--had a Teengirl crisis and missed the last one, so I was overdue. Didn't get my appointment because we spent the whole hour and a bit in the tornado area in the basement stairwell instead. The good news is that the tornado missed the high school (barely), the band eventually came in out of the rain and got the tornado warning message (way after everybody else and also barely missing the tornado), and the main thing that pissed off Teengirl was that it happened right at dismissal and they were kept prisoners in the classrooms for an hour after ordinarily the buses would have left.

it is currently 88 degrees and sunny but they have canceled the homecoming parade due to expecting much the same weather to show up at much the same time today as it did yesterday.

I have managed to get walking pneumonia in 88 degrees and sunny weather. Ugh. I am glad I didn't wait until Monday to get to the student health center, I went to the minute clinic today. That said, my gatorade and I are peace out and I am officially not trying anymore until at least monday morning. I am going to gorge on tudor escapist historical drama, aka the white queen on Starz.

Eta: i kinda wanted to see that shark movie, so thank ypu for the review. And just read that NWS confirms 2 small tornadoes.

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Teenboy convinced us to see Baby Driver. It was a very enjoyable film, I don't know what I expected, but it was better than whatever I expected.

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I didn't use a fancy filter, just a canning funnel with a melitta cone filter in it. I forgot to mention that before.
I am jealous!

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I too am very sick with a cold. I am basically drowning in PhD work that I haven't been able to do for 2 1/2 weeks and also neither of my advisors is responding to my emails. I could text the one but I am not sure if her mother is still dying (she was?is? on family leave). The other one is just bad at returning emails and has been out of town, apparently. The good news is I"m a co-author on another paper but I'd like to get my OWN paper out and really can't yet because hello, somebody answer me?

I would feel a lot better about my ability to do my work if I wasn't sick, and it wasn't taking me a week to get my thyroid meds refilled, and it wasn't stinkbug season.
Today would have been a perfect opportunity to go to karate for Teengirl and I but I can't breathe so its not happening.

There was a stinkbug in my sheets. There was a stinkbug on my laptop. I have flushed at least 7 today just in my bedroom. yuk.

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My goat-milking advice: the cleaner you keep your bucket and filter, and the faster you get it really cold, the longer it will taste wonderful and not goaty. My procedure was sterilize in the dishwasher every night, fill mason jar mostly full, put in freezer to cool, put in fridge an hour later. The "mostly full" part is if you forget the jar in the freezer, so it doesn't expand and break.

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Thanks, i really have no idea of greater Boston geography.

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I'm sorry your brain is giving you a hard time. I hope you do enough to feel satisfied and can shake the gloom off a bit before bed.