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Time to call in American Pickers so they can buy two items.

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From anonymity to notoriety. Whoops.

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Where is the picture of the hot middle aged woman?

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This is a desperate attempt by Time to remain relevant. Stir up a controversy with an in-your-face picture, that happens to be tasteless and absurd, in order to sell magazines. The last time I saw a Time magazine it was in the waiting room at the doctor's office covered in germs. If you want to breast feed your kid until they're old there's nothing wrong with it. Throwing this woman's boob in our faces is the problem.

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I'm just glad the state isn't infringing on this guy's rights as a fugitive. It wouldn't be very Constitutional to track him down and arrest him.

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When Leonardo DiCaprio plays him in the movie we will instantly side with his thef and deception! Yay thieves!

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You're missing my point entirely. My point is that the answer is very, very unclear. Pointing to a small country with no comparables to ours doesn't make jimbo our resident expert on predicting the ramifications of making pot legal. It may very well be that the problem with our application of marijuana laws is that we are not harsh enough. When you make something illegal but the consequence only a slap on the wrist then people decide it's not really a law...like speeding. The entire point is that it's a complicated issue and stating that you have the "FACTS" because you heard that Portugal or Senegal or Uzbekistan or the Ivory Coast is doing well with it doesn't mean you have all the answers. Get some perpective.

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It's pretty clear that technology is not the problem. The article states that Oregon has decided to focus on the front-end fraud and ignore the abuse of the money once it's distributed. It's not a technology issue, it's that the State of Oregon hasn't considered it important enough to stop.

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mikeschr - "It doesn't reflect reality." Dude, it is reality. Wake up.

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I'm not weighing in one way or the other, but I find it extremely annoying when people get on their high horse about their issue and then claim they have the "FACTS". So your argument, then, is that if we look at Portugal then we can directly translate their results to the United States because, what?, people is people? I applaud your scientific research. You should write a piece for an academic journal.