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How does one go about getting a job to drive a Google Street View Car? I'd love to be able to get to do so.

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Fantastically written article! I think this is the best article I've ever read about how Ford needs to keep the Panther Platform alive, and the Ranger. Simply put these things sell like hot cakes every month, and I can not see why Ford feels they need to discontinue production. It's madness. That kind of more would surly make a lot of people feel just like you said abandon. I mean seriously, who else are these taxi company's and limo company's gonna turn to when they need a car for clients???? no one. Why? because no one can match the durability, reliability, and everyday ease of the Panther cars. Ford NEEDS, no they HAVE to reconsider stopping production. It will only hurt them in a big way, if they don't.