Pump my rump

Pump my rump


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7 years ago @ Birther Report - Video: Senior Trump Ad... · 10 replies · +8 points

Trump, the thin-skinned whiny manbaby misogynist, is getting his ass kicked by a girl. This is going to be a landslide for Hillary.

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I love morons like Rambo Ike. All you fuckin' morons better vote for me in November!

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I'm gonna put that loser Arpiehole in jail, in a cell next to BR.

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So what are you guys going to do after Hillary stomps on Trump's nuts and he runs away crying like a little bitch boy?

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Judge Snow issues 162-page Findings of Fact. Summary - Sheriff Joe is a fucking lying bitch, and I'm going to refer him for criminal contempt prosecution on May 31st. Joe got his dick in the shredder this time.

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Wow, we are so lucky to have a real legal expert like William. I mean, OK, he didn't really come anywhere near the correct spelling of the word precedents. But hey, he knows what all the precedents say. I wonder what law school he went to, that they didn't even teach him how to spell basic legal terminology?

Also, is it really safe to assume that all truck drivers are as much of bigots as William is? Hm.

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Wow, so that's what he looked like in 1968 when he was 7 years old and living in Jakarta, Indonesia? Fascinating.

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No, Obots say that's not the law in the United States, and the Supreme Court backs us up. We also say you're a liar.

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Breaking! Ted Cruz quit two days ago. It's stupid to talk about his eligibility now. Birthers lost every case they filed challenging his eligibility. You lost every case about Obama. You need a new plan, in order to keep up the unbroken streak of losing.

Suggestion: Why don't you sue Hillary because the Founding Fathers never would have allowed a woman president, and because the 19th Amendment only gave women the right to vote, not the right to serve as president? After she smushes Trump like a bug, you can file hundreds more losing lawsuits saying she's not eligible for the presidency. Just trying to be helpful.

Hey, better than hiding in your mama's basement for the next 4 years, right?

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For more than a year, I told you that Cruz birtherism was a waste of time and effort, because he had no chance of getting the nomination. But birthers lost every single court case trying to get him disqualified. Therefore, do NOT claim credit for him dropping out. All you did was prove what losers you are. Meanwhile, I was right all along. He didn't lose because he was born in Canada, he lost because he's a fucking asshole.