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A broke wrestler who spends all of his money in a pub.

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Oooooh, that's a creepy image right there.

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That's seven months of two minor events per month. That makes 14. The big four PPVs round it out to 18. Just keep the Money in the Bank as a way to have the two brands each with their own match so they can cash in their respective champions. That would make the most sense in keeping it at 19.

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I don't know about all of this, but I will say that it will at least give some of these indie promotions somewhat of a platform to reach a wider audience through the WWE Network. All it can do is help them, unless the conspiracy theory arises where Vince will buy these companies out.

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205 Live feels like a rendition of WWE Superstars, only it's tailored solely for the cruiserweight division. The format needs to be tweaked and at least hire more workers and start up a cruiserweight tag team division if they really want to make this show have a decent amount of traction. That being said, while it was nice for Swann to win the title, it would have been better suited for Kendrick to retain and further his storyline of being the poster boy of the division. They did not allow Kendrick to run through the competition before dropping it onto Swann. Extremely bad move.

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Is it just me or have they given up on the Cruiserweight division already being a staple of RAW??

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Is it fair to say that I am extremely disappointed with how the current landscape of professional wrestling, errrr, sports entertainment is reaching, or rather not reaching a wider audience. Obviously, you have WWE and New Japan at the top, who everybody hears about. Then, you have ROH, All Japan, Pro Wrestling NOAH, and to a smaller degree CMLL and AAA out in Mexico. Then, you have TNA at their lowest level in years. And now, we don't even know if GFW exists outside of Jeff Jarrett's mind. Does Cody even know that GFW isn't even remotely an active promotion, let alone a semi-touring one??

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Okay, we'll reintroduce him as Hunico.

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Nemeth was also Kerwin White's caddy and part of the Spirit Squad. Just throwing that out there.

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So now you're comparing Bayley to James Ellsworth now. Great idea. SMH.