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They hate me, so they call me a 'hater', they are control freaks so they call me a 'fascist,' I identify most strongly with my own cultural heritage, so they call me a 'Nazi'...

Typical Orwellian doublespeak!

I have started readin '1984' again after nearly 10 years, it's a frighteningly truthful prophecy!

I dont know if its because i'm older and wiser to understand Orwells writing nowadays or because this regime acts like 'Ingsoc' with its intrusive surveillance and constant harrassment of anyone daring to question their authority...

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Divide and rule... The classic leftist tactic for splitting nationalists.

The E-mail thing is to do with the ruling that came into effect on the 15th of March this year,

As I mentioned in a previous post, temporary E-mail accounts are all we use to register for online services from now on, "hushmail" being used for opening the current BA blog. Before closing the last blog down (pre-March 09) the subject was mentioned in some detail.

This private & personal data will be accessible by over 600 public bodies. Including the odious searchlight/HnH/LMHR tossers.

Keep up the good work Squirrel, we enjoy your blog and contribution towards the nationalist cause.

PS. David Cameron... FUCK HIM!

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Take no heed of these arseholes, they have no monopoly on symbolism!

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Obviously Keith Vaz has been swimming in that area!

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The entire force is rotten to the core, I have no sympathy for them at all! They should be replaced with ex-forces personnel! You only have to look at their recruitment process to see how fundamentally flawed they are...

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Yeah, he can have it, he can be lumbered with all the cretins that suddenly started spamming when he published his report!

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What about all these immigrants? Will they have to have it?! Bet they don't, it will only be gullible Brits who are infected with this shit...

And how much will all this cost?! Tax-payers lining the pockets of large drug companies to poison themselves springs to mind!

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I have absolutely no sympathy whatsoever for the current incarnation of the police. Nobody likes them, thats why nobody will ever help them!

Much that I am all for law & order, I have no confidence in the current bunch of namby-pamby politically correct ponces trying to enforce it!

The current police force is an enemy of the British people!

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Bizarre as it sounds, we do not have an E-mail account, closed them prior to the 15th of March legislation which enabled the local council and other state organizations(including searchlight) to intercept personal E-mail's!

Temporary E-mail accounts to open or register for stuff online are now the modus operandi...

But anyway, the reason the blog is unobtainable is because I've changed the URL to keep the stalking, informing marxist parasites at bay,

Never fear - The battle goes on...

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They'll cut spending on essential services, but they'll still waste money on multicultural nonsense, you wait and see!