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Virtue signalling? Not at all. Just being practical. Most people do not live near Parliament.

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1) Councils must abandon the premise that Town Centre is either retail or leisure. We need to encourage local manufactures in town centres.

2) Councils pursuing “zero carbon” strategies (creating zero emission zones etc.) risk creating ‘doughnut’ towns – empty in the middle.

3) Community Centres should be “the space where most of our people spend most of their time. And earn most of their income”

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"...Successful towns are first and last a place where people wish to come to meet, to converse, to buy, to sell and to be amused in the process...."

What utter bollocks! This places the cart fair and square before the horse.

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I asked around. No one I know wants the job.

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"...But Huawei’s human rights record has been notably absent from discussion. ..."

Perhaps, but so has the human rights record of many suppliers to the UK. Why consider the absence of Huawei to be 'notable'?

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So why don't all people seeking access to Parliament locate in London...?

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Yes and no.

If a private business provides a poor service, then (assuming there is a market) consumers will go elsewhere.

But regarding the NHS, most people see no alternative (they either cannot see one, and/or they cannot afford it).

Perhaps the question should be... Is health a free market issue?

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I don't disagree with you there. Unfortunately it doesn't help us work out the best way forward.

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No, it is most definitely not "that simple".

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Your argument is specious in relation to the research to development pathway.