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Two words. Neville Chamberlain. Two new words. Barack Obama.

<sigh> I never thought I'd see the day when we brought back Jimmy Carter or resurrect Neville. Please DC. Stand UP to the is tyrant. Do not negotiate, do not placate, do not cow-tow to his demands. And if he does launch a nuke at us, you had better respond in kind.

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So how DO we fight? Knowing we need to is one thing and quite necessary. Doing the fighting is quite another. But you've left out one VERY important thing. WHAT to do. HOW to fight. Here is what I am doing, yet it feels as if it isn't enough.

1. Educate myself. Reading as much as I can get my hands on, reading both sides so as to understand the arguments fully and respond properly. Also, listening and watching Glenn and others.
2. Contacting my non-representing representatives. I will freely admit I do not do this as much as I should. I feel this has become an exercise in futility and is perhaps the most depressing to boot.
3. Educating and engaging those around me. I purposely watch Glenn Beck on TV when others are around so that they can hear his message. I engage them in discussion on the topics and try to awaken them to the changing tides in America.
4. Tea Parties. Attend them when they happen.
5. Joined the 912 project. Post on a regular basis.

And yet, it seems I have no impact. Will I give up? Hell, I'm ready to actually pick up arms to defend that which I love. But a peaceful revolution? I don't know what else TO do.

Old Marine, I understand your point about summer solders. It's valid and correct. But I'm going to challenge YOU. GIVE ME SOMETHING TO DO!!!

Give me something that makes an impact! I need to know I'm not just pounding my head against the wall. Thank you.

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Oh! The ship! I was gonna ask if McCain was gonna follow it up by doing one-handed pushups at the Oscars next year.

On a more serious note, I would like to see this administration take NK FAR more seriously. We need to stand up to them and put them in their place. Not try coddle them into submission. Why do liberals think that negotiations work when history (say, oh, ALL OF IT!) proves otherwise? How many times do I need to bring up Neville Chamberlain? Or the UN? Or... Oh, you get the idea.

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You know, it has got to be frustrating for Democrats when all the facts keep getting in the way of their agenda. I mean, wouldn't you be frustrated too if your pet tax, err.. project, kept getting derailed by new and updated scientific facts and analysis? How dare we look at SCIENCE! and point out FACTS to these individuals. Don't we realize that they know better?

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Wait! Didn't they just release a study that fatter people cause global warming? So what am I supposed to do? Save the planet or live longer? Decisions, decisions.... Well, while I ponder this, would you please pass me another piece of the cookie dough cookie sandwich please!

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Why is this news? He broke this promise the first damn day in office and has been breaking it ever since.

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Considering the speed with which BHO is nationalizing the businesses in our nation, it's not really surprising that Hugo C. would consider BHO to be to the left of him. And if carefully considered, one could argue that Hugo Chavez is correct. I fairly certain BHO has nationalized more business than Hugo has, most definitely faster than Hugo has.

I am also left to ponder if there isn't greater freedom in Venezuela than here. I know that speaking out against Obama is sacrosanct and am wondering how long before it's illegal. Notice how the Lame-Stream Media attempts to destroy those that speak out against him?

I would conclude that BHO himself recently said, "You ain't seen nothing yet!" We've been warned.

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Her financial state is important because it speaks to hear character. Also, it may reveal hidden problems she might have. However, it think her speech has spoken (pun intended) more clearly on her character than her financial statement. While she might think a wise Latina woman would make better decisions, she herself has not exercised any of that supposed wisdom. Ergo, her statement is fallacious.

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This isn't surprising to me. This is nothing more than the natural extension of our current situation. When those in the media and on the left (but I repeat myself), force the rest of us into a corner, don't be surprised when you find a bunch of people in a church trying to defend themselves with guns.

And since this gentleman obviously uses common sense, it would follow that he talks about gun safety.

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Can't comment, too busy burying my guns, gold and canned goods.