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Can we start the Common Sense party? Its time to reject a two party system. We need common sense to prevail and while the two parties eviscerate each other we need to have people who represent our values rise up and take our country back. We must refuse to play the political games and refuse to be ignored.

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Keep doing what you're doing in Texas; the country needs you folks.

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I understand that George Washington had flaws, and I don't want to debate about what they were or why he had them, but does that mean that everything he ever said or did is to be discredited?

If everything you'd ever done wrong in your life were documented and presented to me, would you see it fit for me to rattle off the list of wrongs you've done in an attempt to discredit everything you write on here or everything you accomplish during the rest of you life? I, for one, would prefer that I am remembered by the good things I've done, and forgiven for the bad.

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That's commendable. I wasn't saying that I'M the ultimate authority over the spouse; if both spouses share this principle, then both share the ultimate authority over their family. The point of the principle is that government should not insert itself into matters over which the spouses share the ultimate authority and become the authority itself. I certainly don't believe that only one member of a given family should embrace this principle and have authority over his or her spouse. The individual IS and SHOULD BE the final authority; that's a conservative principle and that's what personal freedom is all about.

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That would be quite an strange notion and would likely lead one to believe that it is news_across who's having problems being reasonable.

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Common ground? Can we agree on the death penalty for people who do things like this?

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Listen, I'm a conservative, I have no desire ever to be a CEO, and I don't seek help from anyone I wouldn't help in return. I believe in the abilities of the individual, not just one group or type of individual, but EVERY individual, so I think that protecting the liberties and freedoms of ALL individuals is the only way to protect our inalienably rights and the only way to prosperity. I believe in personal responsibilty, mine and yours. I have a genuine hope that the government will get off the backs of the people so the people will realize that each of them, individually, is the answer to all of their own problems. I don't see why anyone should be afraid of that.

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I like that sort of thinking. We should absolutely strive to study and truly understand exactly what was going on during the time the Constitution was established, and before, for that matter. We should also strive to study and understand exactly what was meant within the Constitution at the time it was established. I'm in the process of trying to get a copy of one of the first comprehensive dictionaries, pre-1776, because I have a sneaking suspicion that the word welfare, as stated in the federal governments ability to "promote the general welfare" has been grossly redefined since in the 200+ years since the Constitution was established.

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Have you? If you have a better quote in mind for principle, "4. The family is sacred. My spouse and I are the ultimate authority, not the government," I'd love to hear it. I'm not sure whether you're taking issue with the principle or the man who's quote is below it, since any man can be cast in a negative light because all men are imperfect. The principle is whats important. Do you disagree with it?

Furthermore, Jefferson new he was a flawed man. Thats why he wrote so much about limiting government; he knew that if one man or a few are the holders of all control, or government, over the rest, tyranny results, because man is flawed and will destroy the freedoms of others when given power. I'm quite sure Jefferson would be more critical of himself than you've been here, but that doesn't mean that the principle which one of his quotes supports is flawed.

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You're looking for support? It didn't seem that way, seeing as you equivocate what should be a civil debate about the principles a large portion of the people in the country share to a street fight. If you disagree, I'm happy to debate you on the substance of your disagreement, but there doesn't seem to be any worthwhile aspect in supporting someone who sits idly by, sarcastically commenting against anyone who doesn't share his view.