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This is the reason I went with Verizon. You might pay a bit more but their coverage is far superior to the other cell companies. Verizon has service out that way, I drive that way frequently to go hiking and backpacking. I get coverage all the way from Enumclaw to the White River Campground on Rainier. Heck you can send text messages with Verizon when up at Sunrise and the surrounding area.

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There is nothing odd with a person who solo hikes that is married or single for that matter. It might just be his passion, his time for a bit of solitude. That is why I do it. Also it does not state that he did not carry a compass, just no GPS. I myself rely more on the compass and map.

Regardless, I truly hope he is ok. The other folks are correct, his survival rate is very high with the conditions outside.

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Where is PETA!! sounds like forced cat labor to me. LOL, I mean wow who in their right mind has cat poop brewed coffee at 80 bucks per cup?

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I sure hope that the same women who are pro breast feeding in public are also pro bikini coffee shops. So one group of people can show their boobs in public if they are breastfeeding, but the 'bikini wearing coffee girl' get's the short end of the stick by the same women.

Someone chooses to go see the bikini barista, but we have no choice if you are hanging your boob out in public.

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"I don't think we're asking for much, just to wake up every morning not worrying whether we can pay the rent, or whether our next meal will be rice and beans again," Larkins wrote in an email to The Associated Press

Get used to it. It's life. Everyone has to work their tails off to get ahead. It takes hard work, determination and no whining to live the American dream. I am tired of people thinking they are 'owed' something.

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Good luck Tarvaris, I hope you lead the Hawks to a victory. The offensive line just needs hold back the rushers.

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If this is true, he needs to have his twig and berries removed. We need harsher punishments for this kind of crime.

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Sounds like the poster is fed up with how his/her department is ran.

I cannot believe they are getting punished that harshly over a cartoon. If anything, it should open the departments eyes to the corruption. If it in fact is going on like it is in the video.

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As long as you are willing to take a hit in pay to help out your fellow co-worker, or to have your co-worker laid off so you can get your extra sick days; then support this crazy idea.

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Horrible idea, the money has to come from somewhere to pay for those extra days off. Most likely the money will come from lower wages and less hiring. People will take advantage of the extra 'sick' days. Most seem to get sick on a Friday or Monday.