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Hacked versions of Siri are already running on iPhone 4's, and it's not a complicated process to achieve either, so we know there is no hardware-specific reason why it wasn't included on that handset as well as the 4S. It's pretty clear now why Apple chose to keep it exclusive to their latest model, and it's basically what most of us suspected all along.

It's also fairly evident now that the fact Siri has no freakin' clue what I'm saying 9 times out of ten is due to faulty software, and not a problem with the hardware. I'm glad it's classified as a Beta app, because it's essentially worthless.

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It's a version of the argument where it's claimed individual liberty and it's defense are supposed to yields some utopia or an end to poverty etc etc.

The funny part is...they don't hold their own systems to the same standards even as they tout programs as 'solutions'.

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They're actually doing that lol but its mostly since they suck so much in fighting that the only way they can actually harm US and NATO forces is by using suicide tactics.

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where can i get one of those bandanas

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Hell Yeah Baby. More TD games. Btw u need more Practice.

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Evacuate Afganistan right now.

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From the pictures posted by the Republican, this doesn't really look like a riot to me--large groups of students gathering, with a few kids acting up. A bit of media hype!

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Congrats to you for winning. I'm assuming those are your boys in the picture with you. I certainly hope the whole family gets to go. What an awesome time it will be to share with the family. Your boys will love it. Have a great time.!!

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Thank you for this. We live in the San Joaquin Valley where we can get temps up to 110F and the Forever Sun. We never have used sunscreen and were using protective we know we can get some sun before covering up.

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As avid a reader as I am I doubt I could handle a book a day, what with work going on as well. I will probably take part in this though.