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Climate Change? ...from cars? Where's your proof?

You have none.

If you did, would you ditch your car? No? I rest my case.

I'm not "addicted" to my car any more than I'm "addicted" to water.

Climate changes whether you drive your Subaru to Farmers Market, jump on a diesel-powered bus, or run there holding your breath to spare us your hot CO2 - that's a fact. Get used to it.

....sheesh, these letters are like Aztecs pleading for more heads to roll to assuage a drought.

Few will support Naomi Klein’s revolution, thankfully sparing us from national suicide
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If Lynn Segal wants it, I don't.

No on 300 and 301.

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Hillary indicted yet?

In other news regarding the implosion of the left.... around the world:

Why I’ve finally given up on the left
Left-wing thought has shifted towards movements it would once have denounced as racist, imperialist and fascistic. It is insupportable

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What do they mean by "diversity"? I love watching the left trip over itself on that word.

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Sweatshops? What is this, 1982?

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Making up stories? Fairy tales?

Are you asserting Beale wasn't convicted?

Are you asserting these incidents didn't happen?

Are you asserting Taylor's letter wasn't published prior to the spill?

Please stop ignoring reality. The EPA is politically toxic and corrupt and needs to be flushed.

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A week prior to this incident a letter to the editor was published in the Silverton newspaper - warning about the dangers of the method of containment being used by the EPA.

It also raises questions about whether this may be yet another EPA scandal.

Letter to Editor PREDICTED COLORADO EPA SPILL One Week Before Catastrophe - So EPA Could Secure Control of Area (Updated)

What's going on with the EPA these days? They seem rife with scandals of epic proportions

Like this one....

EPA reels as climate-change expert awaits sentencing for $1m CIA fraud

And just think, this is the guy who "certified" the "science" deeming CO2 to be a "pollutant". EPA Chief Gina McCarthy knew this guy was a fraudster a year before she did anything about it. He was useful to her as a rubber-stamp man to push Obama's Ill-conceived climate change agenda.

Beale Reveals EPA's Plan to ‘Modify the DNA of the Capitalist System’

But wait, there's more!

There are four separate scandals going on at EPA right now

We have toxic people dealing with toxic waste water and non-toxic gases like CO2.

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Way to slay a strawman. What a silly term: "Anti-governmentism"

Good government operates within the confines of the constitution.

I've seen plenty of leftist / anarchists / socialists / communists screaming to bring down capitalism, wall street, and the government, while breaking windows, looting, rioting, burning down neighborhood businesses, yelling "eff-the police" chants, etc.

That's your team.

My team? We'd simply like the government to be fiscally conservative and stop pilfering rights, stop systematically abusing us / lying to us.

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Judicial Watch: Defense, State Department Documents Reveal Obama Administration Knew that al Qaeda Terrorists Had Planned Benghazi Attack 10 Days in Advance

Who Is Sidney Blumenthal?
The many roles of Hillary’s secret diplomatic adviser.

...nothing to see here, folks, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama say so. Hillary says nothing - unless it is about her private / public email server and the delete button.

The unemployed are dropping out like flies

How America Added 17 Million People In 7 Years... And Zero Full-Time Jobs

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I liked the years before Obamacare cancelled my insurance. Particularly now that I can't afford Obamacare.

Hillary is not just dipped in scat, she's comprised of it.