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I've seen enough Camrys to hold me over for a thousand lifetimes. :P

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I really like the R8, but this design is just incredible. I used to have a Matchbox (or similar) version of this.

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Ahh, I forgot about cleaning/detailing. I mean I enjoy making my car clean, but it just takes so long to do a good job. And it takes so long to do a poor job of it as well, which is usually what I do.

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Haven't really had any really bad experiences working on my Explorer. Flushing the coolant was probably the most involving job. Seeing as it was my first time flushing the coolant, I had to watch a bunch of videos on Youtube to really make sure I understood what I was doing. I'm not sure what I'd do without how-to videos. Changing the fuel filter was kind of messy, but not too bad. Certainly not something I look forward to, though.

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I hope you remembered to refill the blinker fluid as well.

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That'd be a pretty cool daily driver. I agree, though, the tint has to go. I'll go ahead and say it - I don't like it when people tint their windows. Makes you look like a thug/drug dealer. I know someone who tinted his windows on his first car and had to drive with the windows open at night just to see. I realize that it may help keep the car cooler in the summer, but I go without it in Georgia without a problem so I don't think that is that great of a reason. Maybe I'm way off, but that's just how I feel. Now get off my lawn!

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Hey guys, just upgraded my car...

Now we all know these stickers add turbocharger levels of power, but I also got the Explorer appraised today. It's now worth tenfold the sum I paid for it.

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I think Volvo has more of a marketing problem than anything else. Though, their cars do probably need some work.

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Every time you buy a car is a learning experience. Some of my tips are:

1. Figure out what common problems are with the particular model and year you're looking at. When you test drive/check out the car, make sure to look for the common problems. If you find a problem you can get the seller to agree to fix it first or reduce the price. This is the biggest thing I failed to do when I got my first (and so far only) car.
2. Make sure to test drive the car.
3. Get it checked over by a trusted mechanic.
4. Buy a manual. I also failed to do this.
5. Be open to anything (aka don't have brand bias). I'm a Ford guy, and that's why I have an Explorer, but if I were buying again now I really wouldn't care what brand it is other than it being something I like. I do want a Fiesta or Focus ST, though, but that's because they're kind of in a league of their own in the US.
6. Realize that your feelings about what you like in cars may change over time, and make sure whatever you get you'll be satisfied with owning for at least a few years.

I guess that's about it for now.