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I don't disagree with anything you've said about the collapse itself. But when you've already got a red avatar flag, sarcasm doesn't particularly come across as good natured. We can't read your "tone". Then after you get a few thumbs down, everyone that's just scanning through the article will thumb you down as well, not particularly reading or understanding your point. It's happened to me before. I don't think it represents the decay of Western Civilization. It's just standard groupthink that happens everywhere.

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They're not contractors. DoD directly employs a good deal of civilians. Sure there are some support contractors but mostly government employed bureaucrats.

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From her own words:
"But my lawyer says it’s assault of a police officer — not Condoleezza Rice, but a police officer there. And the defacing of government property, because some of the sticky material got on the walls when I was being arrested. And the disorderly conduct for being loud in the hearing."

The author said she "tried to attack" Rice. Same with Bush. Don't you read?

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... says the person with a handle lionizing one of the most "hateful" people of the 20th century.

Irony: bemoaning someone's lack of culture in a post in which you misspell the word.

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What a retarded comment. A new personal low. Congrats.

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Hilarious. Leftists seem to think that no one could POSSIBLY disagree with them if they have a bachelor's degree, as they had to have been through the Marxist indoctrination of undergraduate school to get one. Unfortunately for them, a lot of people actually make their own minds up about things. God forbid.

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You voted for Obama if 1) you're impoverished and rely on the government for hand-outs, 2) you're naive due to age or lack of exposure to the real world outside of academia or government, or 3) you're a Marxist. So no, I don't think 52% of Americans are Marxists. I just think you are as you claimed to be rich. But maybe you're naive, I just can't say.

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Battleship Potemkin was a propaganda film. I was discussing propaganda films. One that Goebbels loved, I might add. Your supercillious question about Marxism isn't particularly worth a response other than to say that people like you believe that some form of worldwide communism will be the natural end-state for humanity. Unfortunately for you, you have no concept of reality. What an arrogant way to talk to somebody.

I put moderates in quotes in my previous post. Perhaps that was too subtle for you. I meant I don't want "moderates" like YOU on my side. Wolves in sheep's clothing claiming foul at every perceived slight against one of the "protected" classes. Professing to love America while simultaneously destroying it via balkanization and political correctness.

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Yes.  Being as in tune with the "uberconservatives" as I can see you are, you must have heard our cries for a new "Röhm-Putsch".  You know how I know you're not a moderate?  You're parroting Marxist talking points, the likes of which you'll find over at the Daily Kos, all of which prey on your emotions, much like the aforementioned "Triumph of the Will" or "Battleship Potemkin" did.  "Oh the evil right-wingers who hate immigrants, they're just like those evil Nazis".  You voted for Obama because you are a Marxist.  Plain and simple.  The fact is, I never claimed to have or want "moderates" on my "side".  But I've never heard of a "moderate" accusing fellow Americans of being similar to Nazis in any respect.  In 2010, the House had the biggest swap of power since 1948.  Unfortunately, due to the nature of Senatorial elections, a majority of the seats up for grabs were Republican.  In 2012, 23 of 33 seats up for election will be Democrat controlled.  Write me after that one's over.  Oh and have you seen the poll for the generic Republican candidate beating the sitting president?
    <a href=" /> We could nominate Elmer Fudd and he would win.  The only one spewing rhetoric here is YOU pal.