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Poor Calvin. Not only is he peeing on the back of 5 million automobiles and praying in bootleg Christian bumper stickers on 10 million more, he's being chased by a vein golem carrying a bleeding coffin. All this after getting turned into a sparrow in Locke & Key and saving his friends from a demon-possessed transgendered human transmogrified into a rabid wolf. Where's Hobbes when you need him?

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I can't imagine what something like this must be like. I hope you get everything worked out. What sort of guy would kick out a girl who plays D&D? The existence of such creatures bring hope to the rest of us. I'll certainly check in from time to time, let us know if there's anything we can do.

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This is how trends get started :P

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I really like how Sunny makes all those gestures with her huge hands ^_^

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It sounds like the Diablo servers will take a month to bless and get working again anyways.

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Suddenly, I can see why the NRA considers this such an issue..

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They say an artist is their own worst critic. Liz draws a heck of a lot better than I do, I think there's a market for Stuffed Bunny Seat Cushions.

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I guess my pears are safe then.

What about Magneto though? You'd think he could lift the whole city block the hammer was on.. then throw it at somebody.

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I SOOOO want a horse-helmet now.

I've also always wonder what would happen if the comic Galagher, the Destroyer of Fruit, go his hands on Mjolnir, aka The Hammer of Thor. Watermelon seeds in ORBIT!