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"But it shows the need for stricter gun laws aimed at keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, Goldsmith said." Mr. Goldsmith, no law is going to keep a criminal from getting a gun. Laws only make it harder for the law abiding to get them. Get your head out of your arse...

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[youtube OaTO8_KNcuo youtube]

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Oh those evil Christians... Next thing you know they will be imposing their morality on people and making laws against stealing... Maybe she should start perfoming Muslim prayers. Those are protected you know... The ACLU won't fight that.

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Ugh. Just let this go already. Quit pimping out your kids for your own benefit. They will never see a dime of what she is making on these shows.

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It's no wonder Amwreck can't make any money! If this were turned over to private interests they would cut the fat and make the train profitable.

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Actually, the parents probably put their kid in the back seat to remind them that they left their phone on the floor behind the driver's seat...

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I think turnpike is Latin for "perpetual construction." I don't think I ever travelled on the turnpike without seeing some portion of it under reconstruction... forever and ever and ever and ever....

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Umm... Bill, it's "little people" football.. :o

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Note to the unions: higher taxes means your people ultimately earn less money. Just because spending on non-essential government agencies is out of control doesn't justify fleecing the taxpayer to remedy the situation. Just look at how Chris Christie is reigning in NJ spending. PA will lose residents to NJ soon if they keep up this crap...

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I love it... The rates are rising because of minorities. How crazy is that? From now on when anything increases in price it's because whitey doesn't want minorities to partake in it.