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Uhhh...why not give back the money? It isn't your money! And now you passed the dirty cash among your hand-picked group in a sad effort to buy votes.


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...but, but, but...he's old! And he's been a faithful public servant for so many years! And he's a Democrat!

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And in one interview, Towne killed his candidacy...

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I meant EVERY tax, fee, whatever...cut them all.

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Comparing The View to The Jerry Springer Show?

That's an insult to The Jerry Springer Show...

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Anyone care to guess if the government actually cares?

I'm sure they simply can't afford buying their own meals. I mean, when you make $60,000 per year, pay nothing for benefits, and make extra cash during the summer vacation, how can one be expected to survive?

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Bill, you are dead on. We're finding out more things each week about these horrible stormwater plans. Oddly, our country has survived hundreds of years without such plans. With these plans and the uniform construction code, our state is screwing any chance of development. Homeowners are getting destroyed and businesses are being driven mercilessly into the ground.

I was just talking to an engineer tonight about mandatory sprinkler systems in residential units. Anyone have an extra $20,000?

We can only hope that the next governor cares about the "little people" and reverses nearly all of this mess.

Get out while you can...

13 years ago @ GrassrootsPA - How to handle Philly's... · 2 replies · 0 points

How about cut Philly's taxes by 30% across the board? Give people a reason to move back, buy up the properties and turn them into homes, businesses, etc...

I know, I's a radical idea.

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Meh...he hasn't been there in months anyway, so why worry about a few remaining months? If you want Tom to show up at the office, tell him there are cameras there.

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The article doesn't mention anything about why the doors were locked. Did they forgot to open the building? Did they intentionally keep them locked? Did they have an executive session and forget to open up afterward?

Ultimately, the council seems incredibly worried about the facts of the case because they aren't even willing to offer an apology. If they simply forgot to open the doors, then an apology should have been swift...not put on hold since April.