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"stand up and say (pause) I thank you." Not his finest moment.

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I agree. I hope people realize that the same Corporatists (big oil and those who ship jobs overseas) who support Bush support McCain. Haliburton supports McCain and they will do ANYTHING to ensure a McCain win. They lie, cheat and even kill to achieve their goal

This is why we need CHANGE, people.

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I attempted to make this one in person and got there at 9:50. I was told that I wouldn't get into the park where Obama was speaking but could listen (not see) him on the Capitol's lawn. Since I wasn't with my crew, I decided to return home and stream it. I'm glad I made that choice.

They told us that people were in line since 7AM. I should have expected that.

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McCain Campaign Violated McCain-Feingold law with Palin Clothing Purchases

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Obama 329


Obama 51%, McCain 46.0%

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We are going BLUE in Colorado. Believe that! We just need to fight the Repigs that are illegally purging the voter rolls.

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I pray that his Grandmother's health improves. She is very important to him and it would be wonderful for her to see her grandson become POTUS!

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DenverDan, right now the Republican power structure is evil and "stupid" in that they underestimate the current electorate. That doesn't mean that YOU, my sister, my BIL and other Republicans are evil and stupid. Many of them are deceived, however. They want to belong to the party of Lincoln but they are having a difficult time coming to the realization that the Republican Party of Lincoln no longer exists.

Beryl in Centennial, CO

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Obama is winning and you know it.

1. Obama's averages +8.1 on RCP. Even GW Battleground Tracking has him up by +13 and the latest CBS poll is +14.
2. The so called "Bradley/Wilder Factor" has been null & void since 1995 per most "experts". Whites don't feel a need to lie about their voting anymore.

Yes, McCain can defeat Obama if the Democrats don't go out and vote. Obama rightly handled someone who "Boo'd" McCain yesterday at one of his stops. He said something like this: 'I don't need the "boos", I need your vote!' That's LEADERSHIP -- something McCain lacks. He should have done the same thing when his supporters shouted out inappropriately.

All over America, people are waking up to the fact that McCain/Palin is the BAD ticket for America. Obama/Biden is our ONLY choice!

O/B '08

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I wonder how many people showed up for the $1K/plate meal and who actually paid $25K to talk to her.