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I wonder if this is the first sight of the EqG4 costumes for Sci-Twi and Flutters?

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"Here come the Mares in Black! (Mares in Bla-a-ack!)
But they won't let you remember!

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Okay, I'll put it another way. When Twilight was in the past, then it became the present. The future doesn't exist yet, so the 'present', season 5, didn't exist because it hadn't happened yet and, if Starlight had her way, would never happen. Only when Twilight was sucked through the hole back to the map did it become the 'present' and therefore would it even exist.

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Yes. Twilight was the 'anchor'. So long as she wasn't in the objective 'present', the 'present' didn't exist at all but was in flux caused by the disrupted time-line.

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Well, no-one said that she had to have a sane motive...

Oh, actually, as they seem to be genuinely positioning her as new main cast member, they did need to find a sane and somewhat-plausible motive! Oh dear. That doesn't augur well for Jim Miller's 'new paradigm', does it?

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Hmm... So many staff members either leaving, getting promoted or moving to the film. Season 6 as the last season of FiM is growing more likely, IMO.

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Okay, got my head together now and I can write a proper response.

Ugh... What a buzz-kill.

Brilliant build-up, brilliant execution and brilliant peril. The dark alternate time-lines were wonderfully realised at every level. Starlight was a nicely-realised villain too, although her power levels and ability to avoid attacks were a bit overblown and implausible.

Yet... in the end... it was killed by a badly-executed ending. I know what Josh Haber was trying to do, it's just that he failed to do it. He failed to write properly Twilight using the shock of seeing the dead future and her new knowledge of Starlight's past to reach out to her properly. Literally, it would have taken one decently written paragraph of dialogue to save the climax of the episode. Failure to do this turned it into a Deus Ex Machina 'wave a magic wand to beat the villain' ending that was a massive anticlimax and let-down.

We'll never know how good it could have been, as it is, one badly-written ending kills the two-parter for me.

BenRG's Rating: 6.5/10 -- Most of that comes from the beginning and middle of the episode.

Just putting the world and time on notice that my tolerance for them turning Starlight Glimmer into one of the Mane Cast is very weak. If they even try to make her into a Sixth Ranger after this poorly-executed 'redemption', I could quite possibly walk away.

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The problem for me is that the disappointing ending managed to destroy all the good work done up to that point. I can't forgive a fail at writing a decent ending just because the beginning and middle were epic.

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A brilliant start and nice middle and then... the writing team clearly didn't know how to end the story so they decided to just magically make Twilight's rhetoric suddenly start being effective after it had failed every previous time. Basically, this could have been one of the greats but the wimp-out conclusion spoiled it for me.

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Well, that has a bit of an Avengers - The Infinity War feel about it, doesn't it?