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Mitt Romney's contribution to charity was what? A hundred times greater than Obama's in 2011. Because Obama donated something along the lines of 300 dollars.

I don't like Romney, but at least he puts his money where his mouth is.

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Have you seen his professor mugshot? Totally.

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"I was a severely conservative republican governor"

Says it all really.

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It might have to do with the way Intense Debate registers comments...its possible their servers get overloaded and in the checking process, which is really quick, some data gets skipped over, i.e. users' posts.

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I had one "lost" as well. I think it is Discus' updating system. Breitbart needs to look into actually making these websites technologically standalone, as opposed to merely integrated blogs.

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At this point, this seems to be the only correct perspective. I watched Santorum's rise with some eagerness, but the guy just flat out gives me the creeps.

edit: It's weird how this post got deleted. Either the Bigs are censoring, or Discus is bugging out.

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It's not that black & white. Most of the set players, catering, wardrobe etc, even the cinematographers, dont really care what the film is about--they do, but subject matter is second in doing what they want to do--which is the best job they possibly can.

That goes for the good ones, and Hwood is full of some very skilled and talented people from a variety of different backgrounds.

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About to write this as well.

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You're an idiot. Plain and simple. The auto industry is in WORSE shape. They're churning out cars no one wants to buy, diluting brand values, and bungling around with flimsy parts.

The only reason people buy their cars is because dealers are desperate to be rid of them.

Recovery my lugnut.

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Why did you link this site to a blog saturated with anti-semitic comments?