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11 years ago @ Wonkette - Idiot Booze-Soaked Han... · 0 replies · +1 points

Hank 3 is pretty great. From what I hear he pretty much hates his dad, too.

12 years ago @ Wonkette - George W. Bush Had Top... · 0 replies · +8 points

I don't know that drinking will do that directly, but chlamydia will.

12 years ago @ Wonkette - Chicago Tribune Gitmos... · 0 replies · +12 points

I prefer The Nietzsche Family Circus, myself.

13 years ago @ Wonkette - Gay Wank Joke Navy Com... · 0 replies · +6 points

Having grown up in Norfolk, and still having family there, I read the Virginian-Pilot (local fishwrapper) online whenever I'm about to visit. The comments section is always a cesspool of mouthbreather hilarity. Probably no different from any local paper but wow do Hampton Roads' teabagger types have a mean streak to them.

13 years ago @ Wonkette - Senate Votes To Repeal... · 1 reply · +43 points

Oh McCain, it's been obvious that this policy is both immoral and impractical for well over FIVE AND A HALF YEARS by now.

13 years ago @ Wonkette - BLIND ITEMS: What Sena... · 2 replies · +6 points

On behalf of teh Wonkette, I apologize. Consider it a Type I error.
/statistics jokes

13 years ago @ Wonkette - Army Birther Changes M... · 9 replies · +46 points

The idea that he gives "therapeutic massages" to soldiers is really the icing on the cake here. I wonder what condition he's treating there? Tight butt? Chiseled features?

13 years ago @ Wonkette - Racist Child Is Americ... · 2 replies · +12 points

Mrs. White Zombie watched this on our home computer and now youtube is recommending "white power" videos to us...

13 years ago @ Wonkette - Allen West Drops His C... · 0 replies · +18 points

Only corporations have that right under the 1st Amendment, hippie.

13 years ago @ Wonkette - Meghan McCain Suffers ... · 1 reply · +20 points

I'd love to see security camera footage of the MGM staff being "extremely unaccommodating" to her, and more specifically her reaction. My money is on some serious "Do you know who I am?!?!" attitude being dropped.