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Republican congressman gets booed relentlessly at tea party...good stuff. Why he was even speaking is a mystery to me, but I'm glad the crowd let him have it. This guy voted against the bailout bill the first time then when it came back from the senate he folded like a cheap suit and voted for it.

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Pro-life terrorist here!! It is amazing how those of us who want to preserve and conserve that which our country was founded on are portrayed as extemists. We have not moved! We stand firm, yet those who want to move us off our foundation are considered mainstream!?

I've said it before - those in office will not listen to us. With the help of the media they will continue to mock us, ridicule us and ignore us. Many of our important polling places are already corrupt and rigged, so elections probably won't work either. Our founding fathers warned us that preserving freedom will have to be fought for as much as getting freedom in the first place - and they gave us the right to fight to keep it in the Constitution.

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I would like to see an African American leader publicly encourage those of his race to get on their knees and thank the good Lord for the sacrifice, shame, degradation and ridicule their ancestors had to tolerate. The result of which has them in the greatest, most prosperous country in the history of this planet.

If the United States is so bad where is it better than here? Our poor do not know what poverty is. Our hungry do not know what true hunger is. Our uneducated have been given numerous opportunities to learn. Anyone who has traveled to countries in Africa or South America know what poor and oppression is.

However, I'd be willing to bet my next paycheck these buffoons that visited Cuba will be re-elected.

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You nailed it, "love...". The incumbents ignore the constitution and contractual law every day. Do people really think they care about our emails and phone calls? Will they care about our marches or protests? Probably not. When the news media does start covering us in the news we will be painted as unpatriotic, radical whackos. Meanwhile our elections, voter identification and voter qualifications are being turned into that of a third world country. Amazing how the most liberal candidate always seems to win the recounts in tight elections over and over again at every level. ACORN is now getting our tax dollars to fix elections.

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What are we willing to do when they ignore us again? What are we wiling to do when ACORN fixes more elections? Congress ignores the constitution and contract law now - they won't stop in the future. 90% of congress sees themselves as too important to fail. In their eyes we are too dumb to realize how much we need them and they will make sure they do not give up their power. It may need to be taken from them. I wonder how far the American people are willing to go.

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Volunteer to work at a polling location on election days. All of us marching, emailing, writing & calling our reps is great but unconstitutional policies are making our elections like that of third world banana republics. Our elections are starting to get rigged and we need eyes in the trenches on polling day. We can do everyting right, but if we allow election fraud to continue it won't matter.

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I would love to know where all the politicians including the President have their money invested. Should be required. Do you think they had it in the stock market when all of them started crying about how the sky was going to fall if the original bailout bill was not passed. Not hardly.

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What's worse is representation without taxation. The 50% who don't pay takes in this country have more of a voice than the producers.

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Big oil is next. In order for GM to succeed at being the world leader in alternative energy cars O needs oil to be around $4/gallon. Remember how people were freaking out at the oil companies? Congress will pass some environmental legislation causing the price of oil to skyrocket. The news media will go on attack along with unions and ACORN and people will have to dump their trucks and suvs for more efficient cars from you know where? GM. Oh, and who is running GM? Big O! He will look like a genius for turning GM around and he will have an in to have gov't control of the oil companies because of their "gouging".

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I guess the FDA did such a great job with peanuts they decided to give them more responsibility with tobacco.