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Well done, Cllr Bailey. What an excellent and clear speech and proposals that any sensible person can only applaud.

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Gosh William Essex, for a moment there I thought you said that Plaid Islam prefer El Cid. Now there was a man who knew what to do about the Islamic threat.

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How true. It's long past time that the sufferings of Europeans at the hands of Islam were remembered in some very tangible ways. A book was published recently called The Stolen Village by Des Ekin which tells the story of the islamic attack on Baltimore and the enslavement of the unfortunate people there. To think that this happened in my country, albeit nearly 400 years ago, sickens me. However, I work in Saudi Arabia and while slavery was only officially abolished here in 1965, in practice it still goes on. So yes, let's remind people about the years of slavery endured by Europeans by Islam. We should also seek an apology from the Islamic world for these attrocities. Wouldn't it be nice if the Islamic world also funded the building of suitable memorials to our lost ancestors? Wouldn't it just?

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I agree with little christian and Mick1512. Let me add to their comments. Did you know that the Royal Navy played a major role in stamping out slavery? But just look at it now - thanks to Labour a shadow of the magnificent force that sank the mighty Bismarck and flew the flag across the world. When you consider the untold misery caused by the pirates and the rapacious North Africans, why aren't they apologising to us and not the other way round? And why do we send any aid to Africa at all?

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I'm not against helping others in need but why always financial help? Teach them the skills they need to make them self-sufficient and then leave them to get on with it. However, fending for themselves is exactly what our pensioners have done all their lives. Time to let financial charity begin at home and give pensioners some comfort, dignity and respect in their twilight years. They deserve it and it's a national scandal that they don't have it.

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You are right - I am no expert on uranium. You write with such conviction that I will take it you are. However, my lack of knowledge does not prevent me from making informed judgements. I don't know much about uranium whether weapons - grade or otherwise. I can only go on what I read such as the following two quotes from your iaea link .

"The Agency regrettably was unable to make any progress on the remaining issues which give rise to concerns about possible military dimensions of Iran´s nuclear programme because of lack of cooperation by Iran."

"Unless Iran implements the transparency measures and the Additional Protocol, as required by the Security Council, the Agency will not be in a position to provide credible assurance about the absence of undeclared nuclear material and activities in Iran. I again urge Iran to implement all measures required to build confidence in the exclusively peaceful nature of its nuclear programme at the earliest possible date and to unblock this stalemated situation."

As for Ahmadinejad's words being misquoted - there is debate about that. This man has a record that speaks for itself. He seems determined to set himself on some sort of collision course with the West. The impression, certainly among Saudis, is that Iran desires to change the balance of power in the Gulf. If he didn't behave like this, the Gulf would be a lot more stable.

Let me assure you though that we are singing from the same hymnsheet. If I had my way, we would never deal with these dictatorships/theocracies/pseudo-democracies in any way. I would not permit immigration from them or allow the continued watering down of our culture. At least you and I can argue and disagree till we're blue in the face. But at the end I won't be trying to kill you or hiding in fear of my life because you've issued a fatwa against me.

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You say Iran has no nuclear weapons. It's great to be so certain. Me, I don't know but if she doesn't, I imagine she soon will - or would if left alone. Iran has waited until now to offer to hand over uranium to be enriched in the West. Do you believe she will? Mr. Ahmadinejad is not a nice man. He keeps telling us this and it's really time we believed him. With a nuclear bomb he'd be a very dangerous one too. Sorry to repeat myself but he has threatened to obliterate Israel. If you don't know if you'd trust a muslim with a nuclear bomb, then you really need to educate yourself about Islam. Pakistan is not in a position to interrupt oil supplies from the Gulf. Iran is. She could easily destabilize the whole Gulf. Hence the US naval base in Bahrain. Iran might not have been named as responsible for terrorist attacks in UK but she is credited with supplying the most sophisticated IED technology that has proved so deadly in Iraq. I know exactly what I'm afraid of. What rat are you smelling exactly?

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We don't want or need more wars - true. But aren't you just a little worried about what Iran might do if she has the bomb? Remember, her president has said that he wants to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. Would you trust a muslim with the nuclear bomb? I work in Saudi Arabia and I can tell you the Saudis are in dread of the Iranians. It is not a question of the West warmongering. the truth is that Islam can never live in peace because of its very teachings. Appeasing tyrants doesn't work. You have to talk tough and back it up fully. They understand and respect force but not the type of force which the West uses in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our military is too hamstrung by various rules of engagement to do a proper job. Saddam Hussain did a proper job. He was utterly brutal and merciless and every day I get Saudis telling me what a great man he was. Saddam almost took over their country and they think he's great. For the record, they love Hitler too. One thing for sure, the Gulf Arabs do not want a nuclear armed Iran.

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I watched Cameron on Sky last night trying to lump all responsibility on Labour for his u-turn on his cast iron promise to the British. I won't bore people by reiterating the excellent points made by other contributors. However, the Lisbon Treaty becomes law next month. if I heard him correctly, Cameron said that as a new Conservative government would inherit an economic mess it would be imperative to get the country back on a proper financial footing before attempting to renegotiate a special deal for Great Britain within Europe. In other words, rebuild with economy and use that breathing space to see how Lisbon works in practice. This would be a good thing if Lisbon were a good idea BUT it would probably just be a smokescreen. i.e. Ignore the fact that our politicians have sold us to Europe and hopefully, people will just learn to live with it or forget how we have lost our sovereignty and democracy. Does anyone agree? The BNP now has a golden opportunity in the next few months before the election to put the truth before the electorate and let people see why we need the BNP in government.

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"the Tories, Labour and Liberal-Democrats have all supported the further expansion of the EU to include Turkey." And yet Cameron is supposed to be committed to offering the British a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. What sort of double game is he playing? What is needed now is to give strong backing to Nick Griffin's message in his recent video as start careful preparation for the general election next year. Let's build on the goodwill and support generated from Question Time and start canvasing and laying the groundwork for victory. There will never be a better time to win those seats in Parliament.